These Analysts Changed Their Target Prices for VLO after 4Q17



Analyst ratings for VLO

In this series, we’re examining Valero Energy’s (VLO) 4Q17 earnings versus estimates. Now, we’ll look at the analyst ratings for VLO. Of the 22 analysts that are currently covering Valero, nine have assigned “buy” or “strong buy” ratings, 13 have assigned “hold” ratings, and no one has assigned “sell” or “strong sell” ratings on the stock.

After the earnings release, Raymond James cut Valero’s target price from $107 per share to $106 per share. However, Cowen and Company raised the target price on VLO from $90 per share to $100 per share. VLO’s mean target price of $101 per share implies a 7% gain from the current level. As Wall Street analysts continue to analyze the 4Q17 numbers, VLO might see changes in its ratings or target prices.

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Analyst ratings for other refiners

Valero’s peers HollyFrontier (HFC), Delek US Holdings (DK), and Andeavor (ANDV) have been rated as a “buy” by 26%, 79%, and 76% of analysts, respectively. Other downstream players like PBF Energy (PBF), Marathon Petroleum (MPC), and Phillips 66 (PSX) have been rated as “buy” by 35%, 72%, and 35% of analysts, respectively.

In the next part, we’ll examine the change in implied volatility in Valero since 4Q17 earnings. We’ll also look at the Valero stock price forecast range for the next eight days.


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