How Analysts View Blackstone after 4Q17



Analysts’ ratings

Thirteen analysts are covering the Blackstone Group (BX) in February 2018. Of these 13, only one is suggesting a “hold” on the stock, and none are recommending “strong sells” or “sells.”

Six analysts have given the stock “buy” recommendations, and the remaining six have given it “strong buy” recommendations.

Fourteen analysts were tracking BX in January 2018. Of these analysts, six called the stock a “strong buy,” two gave it “hold” recommendations, and the remaining six gave it “buy” recommendations.

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Ratings on asset managers

Twelve analysts are covering Legg Mason (LM) in February 2018, four of whom have suggested “holds” and three of whom have suggested “strong sells” on the stock. Two analysts have given LM “buy” recommendations, and three have given LM “strong buy” recommendations.

Twelve analysts were tracking LM in January 2018. Of these analysts, four called the stock a “strong buy,” two called it a “hold,” and three recommended “strong sells” on the stock. The remaining three analysts suggested “buys” on LM.

Franklin Resources (BEN) is being tracked by 14 analysts in February 2018, two of whom are suggesting “buys” on the stock and eight of whom are suggesting “holds.” The remaining four analysts have given BEN “strong sell” recommendations.

Seven analysts are tracking the stock of Blackstone’s peer (XLF) Ares Management (ARES). None have rated the stock as a “sell” or a “strong sell.” Three have given ARES “strong buy” recommendations, two have given it “hold” recommendations, and another two call it a “buy.”


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