Ares Capital Corporation: Behind Analysts’ Positive Ratings



Analyst ratings

Of the 14 analysts currently covering Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC), four analysts rated the stock as a “buy,” six analysts gave “strong buy” ratings, and the remaining four analysts gave “hold” ratings.

In July, of 15 analysts covering Ares Capital Corporation, six analysts rated the stock as a “strong buy,” five analysts gave “buy” ratings, and four analysts gave “hold” ratings.

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Ratings on peers

Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) currently faces tough competition from other investment management companies (XLF) like BlackRock Capital Investment (BKCC), Apollo Investment (AINV), and Prospect Capital (PSEC).

BlackRock Capital Investment (BKCC) is currently covered by four analysts, which gave “hold” ratings on the stock. When compared with July 2017, all five analysts covering the stock gave it a “hold” rating.

Out of 13 analysts covering Apollo Investment Corporation (AINV) stock, one analyst gave a “buy” rating, and two analysts gave “strong buy” ratings. One analyst rated the stock as a “strong sell,” and nine analysts gave “hold” ratings.

Of the five analysts covering Prospect Capital (PSEC), two analysts rated the stock as a “hold,” two analysts gave “strong sell” ratings, and remaining one analyst rated the stock as a “sell.”


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