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'King of Horror' Is Worth $500 Million: Stephen King's Earnings See A Steady Rise Each Passing Year

Stephen King, a master of spooky stories, has sold over 350 million books, blending horror and fantasy into captivating tales.
UPDATED FEB 22, 2024
Cover Image Source:  Larry French/Getty Images
Cover Image Source: Larry French/Getty Images

Stephen King, a highly-prolific American writer renowned for his horror, suspense, fantasy, and supernatural fiction, boasts a staggering global sales record of over 350 million copies across 60 plus books. Often hailed as the "King of Horror," his celebrated works are "It," "Carrie," "The Shawshank Redemption," "Misery," and "The Shining" which have successfully transitioned to the silver screen or miniseries adaptations.

Image Source:  Lou Rocco/Getty Images
Image Source: Lou Rocco/Getty Images

Stephen King, an accomplished American author of horror, suspense, fantasy, and supernatural fiction novels, possesses a net worth of $500 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. Stephen King ranks among the world's highest-earning authors, with book sales surpassing millions of copies. Upon the release of "Carrie," King secured a $2,500 advance (equivalent to $14,525 today). The paperback rights fetched a substantial $400,000, equivalent to $2.3 million today. His literary creations have been transformed into movies, TV shows, miniseries, and comics, contributing to his multimillion-dollar earnings. Over the past five years alone, King has amassed $125 million through his written works. Notable bestsellers by Stephen King include:

1. The Stand

2. The Shining (novel)

3. It (novel)

4. Misery (novel)

5. Salem’s Lot

Stephen King, born in 1947 in Portland, Maine, faced childhood hardships. Raised by his mother Nellie Ruth after his father left, they moved frequently before settling in Durham, Maine. A childhood friend's tragic death left a lasting impact. At age eleven, King's mother worked as a caregiver in a mental health facility.

On January 2, 1971, Stephen King wed Tabitha Spruce. King and his wife are also notable philanthropists. They donate around $4 million annually to causes like libraries, schools, arts organizations, and local fire departments, including Jaws of Life equipment. They founded The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, ranking sixth among Maine charities, with yearly donations of over $2.8 million. In November 2011, they matched $70,000 to help Bangor, Maine families with heating bills. In February 2021, $6,500 supported students from Farwell Elementary School in Lewiston, Maine, in publishing two novels.

The exact earnings or advances for Stephen King's book publications remain undisclosed. However, estimates suggest he earns approximately $1 to $3 for every copy sold. Given his global book sales surpassing 350 million copies, this contributes significantly to his substantial net worth.

Image Source: Stefano Guidi/Getty Images
Image Source: Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

The specific amount Stephen King earns for movie or TV adaptations remains undisclosed. While some authors reportedly receive up to $50,000 per adaptation, King's substantial fame and success likely result in much higher earnings—possibly reaching millions, potentially supplemented by a share in backend profits as part of his agreement.

Image Source:  Mario Tama/Getty Images
Image Source: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Stephen King generates revenue through royalties, merchandise agreements, film and TV adaptation rights, and various other channels. Notably, from the 'It' movie series, he has garnered $60 million. Additionally, for movies like '1922' and 'Christine,' he earned more than $20 million each. His annual earnings in recent years are as follows:

2022: $48 Million

2021: $44 Million

2020: $38 Million

2019: $40 Million

2015: $30 Million


Stephen King recently bought a Lamborghini Aventador for $1 million. Stephen King also owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost that cost $650,000. A few other cars owned by Stephen King are:

1. Audi Q8

2. Porsche Panamera

3. Lexus GX

Image Source:  David Joles/Star Tribune via Getty Images
Image Source: David Joles/Star Tribune via Getty Images

King and his wife share their time in three residences. Their primary home, a Victorian house constructed in 1870, stands in Bangor, Maine. This historic dwelling is poised to transform into a museum and haven for writers. Additionally, they possess a summer retreat near the border of New Hampshire, nestled in Lowell, Maine's lakeside region. Completing their trio of properties, the couple owns a lavish waterfront mansion gracing the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota, Florida.

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Stephen King is 1.93 m tall. 

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