What is Telegram Founder Pavel Durov's Net Worth?

What is Telegram Founder Pavel Durov's Net Worth?
Pavel Durov, CEO and co-founder of Telegram, speaks during TechCrunch Disrupt | Getty Images | Photo by Steve Jennings


Name  Pavel Durov
Net Worth $17 Billion
Salary 100 Million+
Annual Income $1 Billion+
Sources of Income Businesses
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 10, 1984  
Age 39 Years 
Nationality Russian, French, Emirati, Kittitian
Profession Entrepreneur

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In the news for his refusal to ban Hamas on his messaging platform, Russian Telegram founder Pavel Durov boasts a staggering net worth of $17 billion. Having shifted base to the UAE, he was even recognized as the richest individual in the Emirates by Forbes in 2022. Telegram has more than 700 million monthly active users worldwide. His journey into the tech industry began with a passion for coding and a profound interest in creating platforms that redefine communication and connectivity.

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Telegram Messenger's global success largely contributes to Durov's wealth. He was also involved in VKontakte (VK), the social networking site he co-founded, which significantly contributed to his initial income. He embarked on a venture to launch the "Gram" cryptocurrency and the TON platform, raising $1.7 billion from investors.

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Durov's fascination with entrepreneurship ignited during his student years at Saint Petersburg State University, where he, along with his brother Nikolai, developed an interest in building software solutions. The budding entrepreneur set his sights on creating platforms that not only disrupted existing norms but also paved the way for new possibilities. Inspired by success stories in the tech realm, Durov harbored a vision to craft his narrative of innovation and achievement.

Pavel Durov of Vkontakte speaks during the Digital Life Design conference (DLD) | Getty Images | Photo by Nadine Rupp
Pavel Durov of Vkontakte speaks during the Digital Life Design conference (DLD) | Getty Images | Photo by Nadine Rupp

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Pavel Durov's salary

Durov's significant income came from the co-founding and growth of VKontakte (VK) in 2006. Under the Durov brothers' leadership, the company's value soared to $3 billion. As of September 2022, Durov held the position of the 104th richest person globally, reflecting the financial success derived from his role in VK.

Telegram Application | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot
Telegram Application | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot

In 2006, Pavel Durov embarked on a groundbreaking venture by co-founding VKontakte, a Russian social networking site often likened to Facebook. Durov's role as the mastermind behind VKontakte was instrumental in shaping the platform's success. His visionary leadership and commitment to user privacy set VKontakte apart in the competitive social media landscape. Under Durov's guidance, VKontakte flourished, amassing millions of users and establishing itself as a cultural phenomenon in Russia and beyond.

Not content with one triumph, Durov ventured further by conceptualizing and launching Telegram in 2013. Telegram, an instant messaging app, was designed with a focus on security, speed, and user privacy. Durov's commitment to data protection and resistance against external pressures resonated with users seeking a secure communication platform. Despite facing initial challenges and controversies, Telegram rapidly gained popularity, reaching hundreds of millions of users globally. Durov's dedication to fostering innovation and maintaining user trust played a pivotal role in Telegram's ascent, especially when WhatsApp's data-sharing plans raised privacy concerns.


Durov stays in an opulent residence in the prestigious Jumeirah Islands. The 15,000-square-foot luxurious property comprises five bedrooms and offers exceptional amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, and a private cinema. Its prime location in Dubai offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city's skyline and the azure Arabian Gulf. Durov pays an annual rent of $1 million.

Signal And Telegram Application | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot
Signal And Telegram Application | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot
Instagram 928,000 Followers
Twitter 1.3 Million Followers


Pavel Durov speaks onstage with moderator Mike Butcher during day one of TechCrunch Disrupt | Getty Images | Photo by Steve Jennings
Pavel Durov speaks onstage with moderator Mike Butcher during day one of TechCrunch Disrupt | Getty Images | Photo by Steve Jennings

Durov was born on October 10, 1984, in Leningrad, which is now known as Saint Petersburg, Russia. However, he spent a significant part of his childhood in Turin, Italy, where his father was employed. Pavel Durov graduated from the Philology Department of Saint Petersburg State University in 2006, where he excelled and earned a first-class degree. To delve deeper into the intricacies of Durov's life, one can turn to "The Durov Code: The True Story of VK and its Creator," a book published in 2012 that meticulously chronicles his early life and career, providing valuable insights into his remarkable trajectory. 

Durov is not married. He has two children. In 2017, after a period of frequent relocations, while working on the development of Telegram, he decided to establish his permanent residence in Dubai. One contributing factor to this decision was the attractive tax policies offered by the United Arab Emirates. He is a self-proclaimed libertarian, advocating for an ascetic lifestyle and freedom from personal possessions.


Named the most promising Northern European leader under 30 in August 2014.

Chosen to join the WEF Young Global Leaders, representing Finland, in 2017.

Awarded by the Union of Kazakhstan's Journalists for his principled stance against censorship and state interference in citizens' online communication on June 21, 2018.

He was also included in Fortune magazine's "40 Under 40" list in 2018, and was Named the most powerful entrepreneur in Dubai by Arabian Business in February 2023.

How much is the CEO of Telegram worth?

Pavel Durov has an estimated net worth of around $17 billion.

Who is the current owner Of Telegram?

Pavel Durov, the Russian-born French-Emirati entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of messaging app Telegram.

How is Pavel Durov so rich?

Pavel Durov's wealth primarily comes from his role as a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of social networking sites, particularly VKontakte (VK) and the messaging app Telegram. VKontakte, often referred to as the "Russian Facebook," became highly popular, contributing to Durov's initial wealth.

Who invented Telegram? 

The Telegram app was created by Nikolai and Pavel Durov, two brothers from Russia.

Is Telegram owned by Russia?

No, It is owned by Pavel Durov who is a Russian.

Is it safe to use Telegram?

Telegram is safe, especially if you use it with the more stringent privacy settings.


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