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The Cycling Titan; What Is Lance Armstrong's Net Worth?

Seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong saw a $75 million downside after doping charges.
Cover Image Source:  Lance Armstrong cycles with local cyclists during a ride in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges /Phil Walter/Getty Images
Cover Image Source: Lance Armstrong cycles with local cyclists during a ride in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges /Phil Walter/Getty Images
Name Lance Armstrong
Net Worth  $50 million
Gender Male
DOB September 18, 1971
Age 52 Years
Nationality  United States of America
Profession Professional Road Racing Cyclist, Athlete

Lance Armstrong, famed for his lightning-fast cycling, once rode the wave to an astonishing fortune. Despite the setback of losing Tour de France titles due to doping allegations and the subsequent loss of lucrative endorsement deals, his net worth dwindled from $125 million to $50 million. Armstrong, a symbol of athletic greatness for almost a decade, conquered cycling and overcame cancer, making history in the '90s as the first American to win many races. His 1996 cancer diagnosis led to a temporary retirement, but he returned in 1998, winning the Tour de France seven times by 2005.

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Public Engagement 

Lance Armstrong was akin to Michael Jordan of professional cycling. He ranked among the world's top-earning athletes, pulling in over $20 million annually from endorsements and prizes. Even after retirement, before his scandals erupted, Lance earned an income of about $15 million each year from speaking engagements, public appearances, and sponsorships.

Investment in Uber

In December 2018, Lance Armstrong revealed to CNBC that his early investment in Uber had been a financial lifesaver for his family in the preceding five years. Initially investing $100,000 when Uber was valued at $3.7 million, Armstrong was under the impression he was buying Twitter shares through Chris Sacca's venture capital firm. By December 2018, Uber's private valuation had surged to $120 billion. While Lance didn't disclose the exact value, estimations suggest his Uber investment, at its peak, was around $30 million, likely closer to $20 million after fees—a remarkable return on his initial $100,000 investment. Despite some reports inaccurately labeling him a billionaire, this remains an impressive success story.

Image Source:  Lance Armstrong riding with Cure Leukaemia charity riders during stage thirteen of the One Day Ahead/Sam Bagnall/Getty Images
Image Source: Lance Armstrong riding with Cure Leukaemia charity riders during stage thirteen of the One Day Ahead/Sam Bagnall/Getty Images


Leveraging his exceptional accomplishments and positive public image, Armstrong became a sought-after icon for diverse brands, both in and beyond cycling. Renowned companies like Nike, Oakley, and Trek recognized his market appeal, making him a brand ambassador. These partnerships not only brought substantial financial gains but also expanded his influence to a broader audience. However, Armstrong's endorsement trajectory took a downturn after the doping scandal in 2012. Stripped of Tour de France titles, he faced legal consequences and lost sponsorships, resulting in a notable decline in his net worth.

Image Source:  Former Cyclist Lance Armstrong attends the
Image Source: Former Cyclist Lance Armstrong attends the "Icarus" New York Screening at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge/ Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

Lost fortune

In his January 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong acknowledged that the repercussions of the doping scandal might result in a staggering $75 million loss, encompassing forfeited endorsements, legal settlements, and attorney fees. If the lawsuit had proceeded to trial, the U.S. Federal government had the potential to sue Lance for $100 million, but he eventually reached a settlement of $5 million.

During his peak, Lance Armstrong amassed $30 million in global real estate, including residences in the Bahamas, the South of France, Spain, and his native Texas. In 2013, Armstrong acquired a 3.6-acre property on Lake Austin for $4.34 million, selling it for $5.35 million within two months. In 2018, he sold a Tuscan-style mansion in Austin for $6.88 million. In 2008, Armstrong purchased a mansion in Aspen, Colorado, for $9.175 million. Currently, his primary residence is a 1.7-acre property featuring a substantial Mediterranean-style mansion, likely valued at around $8 million.


Instagram 457K followers
Facebook 2 million followers
Twitter 3 million followers

In 1998, Armstrong tied the knot with Kristin Richard, and they welcomed a son and twin daughters before parting ways in 2003. Following their divorce, Armstrong began a relationship with singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow, leading to an engagement in 2005. However, they parted ways early in 2006. Armstrong then found love again with Anna Hansen, and the couple had a son and daughter. They eventually married in the summer of 2022. In Austin, he owns a coffee shop named Juan Pelota Cafe and a bike shop called Mellow Johnny's.

Imaeg Source: : Lance Armstrong looks on during
Image Source: Lance Armstrong looks on during "Ride With Lance" at Al Qudra Cycling Track /Francois Nel/Getty Images

Lance Armstrong's impactful venture is the Lance Armstrong Foundation, established in 1997 to aid those affected by cancer. Through the sale of its renowned Livestrong bracelets, the foundation has raised over $500 million. Armstrong played a pivotal role in founding Athletes for Hope, facilitating professional athletes' engagement in charitable endeavors. Additionally, he contributed to funding Wonders & Worries, an organization supporting children coping with a parent's serious illness.

Is Lance Armstrong still the greatest cyclist of all time?

Lance Armstrong was voted the second-greatest cyclist of all time in 2020.

How many wins does Lance Armstrong have?

Lance Armstrong is a seven-time Tour de France winner.

How much money did Lance Armstrong raise for cancer?

As the Livestrong founder, Armstrong helped raise over $500 million for cancer research.