‘Freaks and Geeks’ Star Busy Philipps Earns Most From Brand Partnerships; What’s Her Net Worth?

‘Freaks and Geeks’ Star Busy Philipps Earns Most From Brand Partnerships; What’s Her Net Worth?
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Name Busy Philipps
Net Worth $12 Million
Sources of Income Acting
Gender Female
Date of Birth Jun 25, 1979 
Age 44 years
Nationality United States of America
Profession  Actor

Famous, actress, producer, and author Busy Philipps is best known for starring as Kim Kellly on the show "Freaks and Geeks" which ran from 1999 to 2000. Philipps has appeared in more than 60 films and has story credits for the 2007 comedy film, "Blades of Glory." She has also served as the executive producer for her memoir titled, "This Will Only Hurt a Little." She has been part of many movies including "He's Just Not That Into You," and "I Feel Pretty." As of 2023, Busy Philipps has a net worth of $12 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. 


According to the actor, her main source of income is brand partnerships and not acting. She admitted on Instagram that in the year 2017, she earned more from partnerships with brands and endorsing products than from her acting projects.

Busy Philipps made her debut on TV with the show  "Saving Graces" in 1999 and later that same year, she started playing Kim Kelly on NBC's "Freaks and Geeks" created by Paul Feig. She went on to appear in films like "The Smokers" and "Malcolm in the Middle." She has also voiced characters in projects like "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story," "American Dad!," and "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!" She also played Denis Johnson on the UPN series, "Love, Inc.," which ran for 22 long episodes. She has also guest appeared in shows like "How I Met Your Mother" and  "Entourage".

In 2005, Philipps bought a home in Los Angeles from Rachel Bilson for $1.349 million but soon sold it to Ginnifer Goodwin for $1.075 million in 2008. Philipps also had a 4,600-square-foot Hollywood home that she sold for  $3.95 million. In 2021, she bought another home for $1.625 million in Hudson Valley, which sits on a 4,193-square-foot area. 


Busy Philipps was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on June 25, 1979. Her birth name is Elizabeth Jean Philipps but she was given her name "Busy" by her babysitter when she was a child. Philipps married screenwriter Marc Silverstein on June 16, 2007, and they share two children. Her older child Birdie came out as gay when he was 10 years old, as told by Busy Phillips on her podcast. In 2019, after the Alabama Legislature passed the Human Life Protection Act, she tweeted that one in four women had had an abortion. She also admitted having an abortion when she was only 15 years old. Philipps later also spoke at a House Judiciary and said, "I am a human being that deserves autonomy in this country that calls itself free, and choices that a human being makes about their bodies should not be legislated by strangers who can't possibly know or understand each individual's circumstances or beliefs." 

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Twitter 372K followers

In 2010, she was named the Best  Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for "Cougar Town" by  Entertainment Weekly. In the following year, she earned the Critics Choice award for her role in the same series. She has also received a Gold Derby Award nomination for Comedy Supporting Actress for the show in 2002. She earned a Teen Choice Award nomination for her role in "Dawson's Creek."

Cricket Pearl Silverstein, Busy Philipps, and Birdie Leigh Silverstein | Getty Images |  Rich Fury
Cricket Pearl Silverstein, Busy Philipps, and Birdie Leigh Silverstein | Getty Images | Rich Fury

Are Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams friends?

Yes, the co-stars from "Dawson's Creek" are friends in real life. 

Does Busy Philipps have a child?

Yes, she and screenwriter Marc Silverstein share two children, Birdie Leigh, and Cricket Pearl.

What is Busy Philipps known for?

She is known for her roles in cult classics like "Freaks and Geeks," "Dawson's Creek" and "Cougar Town."

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