Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Buys $67.6 Million Superyacht Alfa Nero; It Belonged To a Russian Oligarch

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Buys $67.6 Million Superyacht Alfa Nero; It Belonged To a Russian Oligarch
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Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, recently made headlines when he bought the opulent superyacht Alfa Nero for an astounding sum of $67.6 million at an auction in Antigua. This extravagant buy has garnered significant attention worldwide, highlighting Schmidt's immense wealth and his affinity for luxurious possessions.


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The Seized Superyacht Alfa Nero

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The Alfa Nero, an exquisite vessel constructed by Oceanco, has a captivating history. It was previously owned by Andrey Guryev, a Russian oligarch. The superyacht was seized following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which ultimately led to its abandonment in Antigua. Guryev, who faced sanctions by the US Treasury, left the yacht behind, creating an opportune situation for Schmidt's acquisition.

Source: GettyImages | David Hallett  Stringer
Source: GettyImages | David Hallett Stringer

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Serving as a testament to its grandeur, the Alfa Nero boasts a range of distinctive features that distinguish it from other superyachts. One of its most remarkable attributes is the groundbreaking "statement pool" that can be transformed into a helipad or a dance floor, depending on the owner's preferences. This innovative design adds an element of versatility and extravagance to an already luxurious vessel.

Source: GettyImages | Joe Raedle  Staff
Source: GettyImages | Joe Raedle Staff


Who is Andrey Guryev?

Andrey Guryev, the former owner of the Alfa Nero, comes from the fertilizer industry and has close connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin. His acquisition of the yacht in 2014 raised eyebrows, and subsequent sanctions imposed by the US Treasury following the Ukrainian invasion resulted in the seizure of his assets, including the superyacht. This backdrop of controversy adds an intriguing layer to the story of the yatch.

Schmidt, with a net worth of over $25 billion, bidding for the Alfa Nero does not come as a surprise. As the former CEO of Google during a period of exponential growth and later as executive chairman, Schmidt amassed substantial wealth. His purchase of the superyacht serves as a testament to his inclination for luxury and his ability to indulge in extravagant acquisitions.

Source: GettyImages | Phil Walter  Staff
Source: GettyImages | Phil Walter Staff


Superyatch's Symbolism Beyond Extravagance

Schmidt's acquisition of the Alfa Nero holds significant symbolism beyond its sheer extravagance. The purchase represents a high-profile transfer of ownership and highlights the dynamics of wealth and power among influential figures. The auction, hosted by the government of Antigua and Barbuda, was lauded as a "fully transparent process" and solidifies Schmidt's claim to the coveted superyacht.

While the $67.6 million price tag for the Alfa Nero may seem steep, the expenses associated with owning and maintaining such a vessel are equally substantial. As a general rule, the annual cost to run and maintain a superyacht is approximately one-tenth of its purchase price. Schmidt is expected to allocate upwards of $12 million per year to cover crew salaries, fuel costs, and the overall upkeep of the 267-foot behemoth. This ongoing expenditure underscores the commitment required to sustain a life of luxury on the open seas.

Source: GettyImages | Chris McGrath  Staff
Source: GettyImages | Chris McGrath Staff


The luxurious vessel, adorned with innovative features, represents the epitome of opulence and serves as a symbol of wealth and prestige. As Schmidt embarks on his new seafaring adventure, the world watches with fascination, drawn to the allure of a lifestyle reserved for the privileged few.


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