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From Humble Beginnings to 'Legendary' Earnings: Chrissy Teigen Is a Self-Made Star and Multi-Millionaire

Chrissy Teigen has established herself as a power icon, an author, and a stellar model who has her own charm and finesse.
Cover Image Source: Getty | Photo by Michael Buckner
Cover Image Source: Getty | Photo by Michael Buckner

A powerful author, an icon, a leading TV personality—you name it, Chrissy Teigen has done it all. Teigen is now known as one of the most prominent socialites and influencers globally, all thanks to her incredible career journey. She was first discovered by agencies while working at a surf shop in California, and since then she has risen to new heights of success due to her sheer determination and charm.

Image Source: 	Cindy Ord / Stringer/ Getty
Image Source: Cindy Ord | Stringer | Getty

Teigen has had an expansive career and a diverse one where she was seen embracing multiple roles to carve her niche in the modeling industry. She started her career as a model and later transitioned towards more nuanced roles, including being a compelling TV personality by hosting leading TV shows such as Lip Sync Battle and Being Funny.

After exploring the domain of TV, she later married prominent singer and songwriter John Legend, which further boosted her popularity to new levels. According to Cosmopolitan, Teigen and Legend's combined net worth amounts to $150 million. But that's not all; she has established herself as a power icon, an author, and a stellar model who has her own charm and finesse that help her take on the world at her pace.


Teigen was 15 when she was first scouted by an agency while working at a surf shop in Huntington Beach, California. The portal of modeling was alluring enough for Chrissy, and she explored the domain further to carve her own independent niche.

She starred as a cover model for Sports Illustrated magazine in 2010, followed by modeling for global brands including Victoria's Secret. Her expansive modeling career helped her earn the title of one of the highest-paid models of current times, according to Forbes. In 2017, she earned a massive $25 million through her various modeling gigs, leading her to take center stage when it comes to her financial earnings.


While Chrissy Teigen is dubbed one of the most powerful models of the time, she has also explored TV as one of her prominent domains and has hosted multiple TV shows to earn a decent living. Teigen has hosted Chrissy's Court, a tickle-worthy drama to woo fans, as well as Lip Sync Battle and Bring The Funny. Along with that, Teigen has also played special roles and made cameos in leading TV shows, including The Mindy Project, Mr. Mayor, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her income from these sources was not publicly revealed, but we can certainly anticipate the numbers now, don't we?


As diverse as Teigen is, she is also a powerful author of New York Times best-selling cookbooks, where she has documented her passion for cooking. Her first book sold 452,000 copies worldwide.

Later on, she dropped her second and third cookbooks, Cravings: Hungry For More and Cravings: All Together, Recipies To Love which were instant hits among the fans, leading her popularity to skyrocket up a notch. According to Cosmopolitan, her books have fetched her around $8 million. However, that figure could be much higher now.


Teigen's explosive journey doesn't end here. She has also starred in multiple brand endorsements and bagged marketing deals for prominent brands. She was the face of Becca Cosmetics in 2017, followed by her stint with Australian Brand Quay, where she contributed her skills to designing a sunglasses line. She and her singer husband, John Legend, also starred in a Google commercial that was broadcast during the Oscars ceremony in 2019. Her income from such prestigious brand endorsements can easily amount to millions of dollars. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her independent net income is around $100 million. Now that's impressive! She is definitely worth it all.