With 'Triple Crown of Acting' Al Pacino Is One of the Greatest Actors Around With a $120 Million Net Worth

With 'Triple Crown of Acting' Al Pacino Is One of the Greatest Actors Around With a $120 Million Net Worth
Cover Image Source: GettyImages/Kevin Winter

Name Al Pacino
Net Worth $120 Million
Salary Varies by Project
Annual Income Estimated in Millions
Sources of Income Acting, Endorsements, Real Estate
Gender Male
DOB April 25, 1940
Age 83
Nationality American
Profession Actor


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Al Pacino, a legendary figure in the world of cinema, has captivated audiences with his exceptional acting skills for decades. His iconic roles in movies like "The Godfather", "Scarface", and "Scent of a Woman" have left an indelible mark on the industry. Al Pacino's net worth is estimated to be $120 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. Born as Alfredo James Pacino in 1940, he grew up in East Harlem, Manhattan, and overcame a challenging childhood to become a cinematic icon. His illustrious career has garnered him numerous awards, including an Academy Award and several Tony Awards.

Image Source: GettyImages/Dimitrios Kambouris
Image Source: GettyImages/Dimitrios Kambouris

Al Pacino's journey to accumulating his substantial net worth has been primarily through his acting prowess. He entered the big league with a significant paycheck of approximately $35,000 for his role as Michael Corleone in the original "The Godfather". Adjusted for inflation, this amount would be equivalent to around $215,000 today. However, it was the sequel to this film that truly transformed his financial situation. For his role in 'The Godfather Part II', he received a reported $500,000, which translates to about $2.6 million in today's money.

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Image Source: GettyImages/Amy Sussman
Image Source: GettyImages/Amy Sussman

But the real game-changer in his career was his negotiation for a percentage of the gross earnings from "The Godfather Part II". This smart move led to substantial bonus earnings, propelling him into the realm of multi-million-dollar paydays. His demand for $7 million for his participation in "The Godfather Part III" established his rising star power.

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Al Pacino's most significant individual paycheck came from his role as Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorsese's 2019 film "The Irishman", for which he received an impressive $20 million.

With a net worth of $120 million, Al Pacino's assets extend beyond his earnings from acting. His collection of real estate properties across New York has contributed significantly to his wealth, though he mostly rents his accommodation. His primary house in New York is at Palisades which he reportedly purchased for $375,000 in 1979. Spread over three acres area the 4,290 square feet building has four bedrooms. Al Pacino sold a piece of this estate in 2013 for $3.3 million.

Image Source: GettyImages/Kevin Winter
Image Source: GettyImages/Kevin Winter
Year Earnings (Approx.)
1972 $35,000
1974 $500,000
1990s Tens of millions
2019 $20 million

Al Pacino has never been married but has been in many relationships, and has fathered four children. His present girlfriend Noor Alfallah who is 53 years younger than him gave birth to a son (Roman) in June this year creating quite a media sensation.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, 83-year-old Al Pacino has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the entertainment industry. Al Pacino has been nominated nine times for Academy Awards and he won the Best Actor award for the movie "Scent of a Woman" in 1993. Apart from Oscars, he won the BAFTA–Best Film Actor in a Leading Role–in 1976 for "Dog Day Afternoon", and "The Godfather Part II". He has also won the Golden Globe Awards and several other awards for his diverse roles.

Q: Is Al Pacino's net worth still growing?

A: While his active movie career has slowed down in recent years, Al Pacino's net worth continues to grow due to his past investments and ongoing residual earnings from his iconic roles.

Q: Has Al Pacino won any awards other than an Academy Award?

A: Yes, Al Pacino's talent has been recognized with multiple awards, including Tony Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards.

Q: How did Al Pacino's Italian heritage influence his career?

A: Al Pacino's Italian roots have played a significant role in shaping his career, as he has often been cast in roles that showcase his ethnicity, such as his iconic portrayal of Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" movies.


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