Meet Bruce Frommert, the YouTuber Who’s “Worth 10 Jim Cramers”

On his “Stock Markets With Bruce” YouTube channel, Bruce Frommert has been winning fans by explaining the stock market “in plain English.”

Dan Clarendon - Author

Mar. 16 2021, Published 2:17 p.m. ET

With his “Stock Markets With Bruce” YouTube channel, Bruce Frommert has become a celebrity among Reddit’s stock market subs, especially with his commentary during the GameStock short squeeze. “He’s been following this and explaining it like a G!” one user wrote around the time Frommert was posting seven-hour videos about the GME frenzy.

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Another raved: “Stock Markets with Bruce has been a stalwart of the GME saga and the old silverback has been live-streaming throughout the whole damn thing. The guy deserves all the support and praise you can give him.”

Here’s a primer on Frommert, a former stockbroker who’s “worth 10 Jim Cramers,” in one Redditor’s opinion.

Frommert started as a stockbroker in the 1970s.

In his second video on the “Stock Markets With Bruce” channel, Frommert revealed that he was in the stock market business across four decades. “Back in my day, when I was a stockbroker back in the late ‘70s and until the 2000s, I saw an incredible evolution of the markets,” he said. “They went from old school to new school. … When I first started, you had maybe one little terminal on your desk. You had more room for your telephone and all the speed lines if you were a desk trader.”

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He went on: “Everyone’s smoking at their desks, and all the yelling and screaming, and we would be looking up at the wall at our moveable stock ticker, which was, you know, super high-tech. We used to get all of our news from the wire services. We all read our papers in the morning, and we would get research documents as the day wore on.”

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He started his YouTube channel in 2020.

Frommert launched the “Stock Markets With Bruce” channel in January 2020, and he currently has more than 105,000 subscribers and more than 3.5 million views. (He also runs “Travelling With Bruce,” a YouTube channel that set sail in 2007.)

In the channel description, Frommert explains that “Stock Markets With Bruce” is designed for investing newbies. “If you are new to the markets and want to know what is going on, Bruce will help you figure it out. Learn how the stock market works in plain English with ‘Stock Markets With Bruce’—what makes stocks and markets go up and down, plus some company shares on the move.”

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He predicted the GameStop short squeeze back in June 2020.

In a June 2020 video, Frommert speculated that there might be a short squeeze on GameStop stock, since the video game retailer had “the most shares shorted of all the S&P 500 stocks out there” and “more short sales against it than shares existing” at the time.”

True, Frommert thought that an uptick in GameStop profitability might start the short squeeze, not a Reddit craze, but he did call the rally a half-year early.

“If you’re a bit of a gambler, you might want to buy some of this stuff down here in the $4.50–$5 range, sit back, and see what happens through Christmas,” he said at the time. “But otherwise, you can do what I’m going to do, I’m just gonna watch it and see what happens because it could be a most fascinating story as the year goes on.”


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