Was Anna Delvey Deported? Update on ‘Inventing Anna’ Subject


Mar. 15 2022, Updated 11:30 a.m. ET

The convicted con-woman behind the new Netflix limited series Inventing Anna was released from prison last year but got detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement just weeks later. So, what happened next? Was Anna Delvey deported?

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Delvey's current status and deportation is an ongoing process. There hasn't been any official word but she could be deported to Germany at any time. Here's what we know.

Anna Delvey's deportation got approved, so where is she?

As of Monday, March 14, The New York Times reported that Delvey has been released from custody and is scheduled to be deported to Germany. She lived in Germany between the ages of 15 and 19 before heading to Paris to pursue a degree in fashion. Delvey filed an appeal to stay in the U.S., but it was denied in February. There hasn't been any official word yet if Delvey has been deported. The process is ongoing.

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According to NBC News, an attorney for Delvey said that she might have been deported. However, a loophole could help her stay in the U.S. slightly longer.

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The attorney, Manny Aurora, explained, "Legally, they should not be able to deport her until the 19th. That is due to the deportation order being signed on February 17 and that allows us to have 30 days to file an appeal. But we are dealing with bureaucracy, and there are numerous filings in her case so you just never know if there was a paperwork error. I haven't heard from Miss Sorokin this afternoon, and so I am working under the presumption that she is being deported."

How did Anna Delvey end up in ICE custody in upstate New York?

The so-called “Soho Grifter” was convicted in April 2019 on counts of larceny and theft after prosecutors alleged that she stole around $275,000. Delvey was sentenced the following month to 4–12 years in prison, but she was released on parole in February 2021, according to the Associated Press.

In March 2021, however—weeks after her release—Delvey was taken into ICE custody and slated to be deported to her native Germany, according to the AP.

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Insider reports that Delvey ran afoul of ICE for overstaying her visa, but Delvey wrote in her letter that her “visa overstay was unintentional and largely out of my control.”

She added, “I am here because Immigration and Customs Enforcement decided that my early merit release from prison means nothing to them and, despite being perfectly self-sufficient when left to my own (legal) devices, I, in fact, present ‘a continuous danger to the community.’”

Anna Delvey tested positive for COVID-19 in January.

In the letter, Delvey revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 in January. “I’m sure I’ll live, but I haven’t been this sick in years,” she wrote.

Delvey was placed in quarantine isolation following the diagnosis, according to Insider. But Delvey wrote that she hadn’t seen a “real doctor” in four years, only “dismissive nurses who suspect everyone just wants to get high and would do anything to obtain generic meds don’t count.”

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Delvey also wrote, “The jail’s response to a positive test is to just lock you up. It’s convenient for them. It all shall pass, no? The majority of people here quickly caught on and stopped complaining about symptoms out of fear of getting locked in. The staff insists on using the words ‘medical isolation,’ even though there’s nothing medical about it. One is simply being made to sit in a cell with a hole in the door. This place is like a Petri dish for viruses and bacteria.”

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Anna Delvey didn't watch "Inventing Anna."

The nine-episode drama Inventing Anna, created by Shonda Rhimes, stars Ozark actress Julia Garner as Delvey. The drama depicts Delvey’s glamorous life as a (fake) German heiress. During the development of the show, both Rhimes and Garner met with Delvey to hear her story, as Garner told W Magazine in August 2021.

However, Delvey has stated previously that she planned on not watching the show. “While I’m curious to see how they interpreted all the research and materials provided, I can’t help but feel like an afterthought, the somber irony of being confined to a cell at yet another horrid correctional facility lost between the lines, the history repeating itself,” she wrote. “Even if I were to pull some strings and make it happen, nothing about seeing a fictionalized version of myself in this criminal-insane-asylum setting sounds appealing to me.”


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