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'Dilbert' Creator Scott Adams Has Courted Controversies With His Statements; What Is His Net Worth?

He earns mainly from the "Dilbert" comic strip and TV series, his role as the CEO of Scott Adams Food, books, public speaking, and media appearances.
Cover Image Source: Scott Adams, famed creator of the comic strip DILBERT | Bob Riha, Jr. | Getty Images
Cover Image Source: Scott Adams, famed creator of the comic strip DILBERT | Bob Riha, Jr. | Getty Images
Name Scott Adams 
Net Worth $20 Million
Sources of Income Writing, Cartoon Creation
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 8, 1957
Age 66 Years
Nationality United States of America
Profession Writer, Cartoonist, Author

Scott Adams, born on June 8, 1957, is a renowned American cartoonist and author best known as the creator of the widely popular comic strip, "Dilbert." Adams has accumulated his current net worth of $20 million (per Celebrity Net Worth), through various ventures, including his iconic comic creation, business endeavors, and other forms of media.

Scott Adams, famed creator of the comic strip DILBERT stands within
Scott Adams, famed creator of the comic strip DILBERT stands within "Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle" | Bob Riha, Jr. | Getty Images

Scott Adams has diversified sources of income, with his creative works and entrepreneurial ventures. The main contributors include the "Dilbert" comic strip, the "Dilbert" TV series, his role as the CEO of Scott Adams Food, Inc., and income generated from books, public speaking engagements, and media appearances.

Early career success

In the nascent stages of his career, Scott Adams forged a path to success that would define his legacy, beginning with his tenure at Pacific Bell. Balancing the demands of a full-time job, Adams dedicated his early mornings to sketching, drawing inspiration from colleagues to create the foundation for his iconic "Dilbert" comic strip. Despite initial setbacks in pitching to esteemed publications, Adams persisted, and in 1989, he launched "Dilbert" with United Media. The comic's meteoric rise to 800 newspapers by 1996 marked a turning point, allowing Adams to transition into a full-time cartoonist. This early success, culminating in prestigious awards and a globally syndicated comic, laid the groundwork for the diverse revenue streams that would follow, from books and merchandising to a successful animated TV series.

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Salary and other ventures

Scott Adams earned a substantial income from the success of "Dilbert," both in print and on television. Additionally, his involvement in various media platforms, speaking engagements, and book sales has contributed significantly to his overall earnings. Beyond his illustrious "Dilbert" legacy, Scott Adams has ventured into diverse realms, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and multifaceted talents. As the CEO of Scott Adams Food, Inc., specializing in vegetarian cuisine, Adams, a vegetarian himself, introduced products like the Dilberito and Protein Chef. While his foray into the restaurant business met with challenges, Adams continued to diversify his pursuits.

His presence extended to the entertainment industry with appearances in "Babylon 5" and "NewsRadio" during the height of Dilbert's success. A sought-after guest on various talk shows and podcasts, Adams engaged with diverse audiences on shows and podcasts like "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "The Joe Rogan Experience." In 2015, his blog posts predicting Donald Trump's presidential victory led to the creation of "Coffee with Scott Adams," a daily vlog that garnered immense popularity on YouTube. This venture not only showcased Adams' insights into persuasion but also attracted attention, with Trump retweeting episodes and culminating in a personal meeting at the Oval Office in 2018. Adams further diversified his literary contributions with two books on religion, "God's Debris" (2001) and "The Religion War" (2004).


Instagram 23.8K
Twitter 1 Million Followers

Scott Adams' personal life has seen both triumphs and tragedies. He suffers from focal dystonia, impacting his ability to draw for extended periods. In 2008, he underwent vocal cord surgery due to spasmodic dysphonia. Adams has been married twice, first to Shelly Miles and later to model Kristina Basham. His personal life also includes the adoption of Miles' children and the tragic loss of his stepson, Justin in 2018. Scott Adams resides in a lavish 7,000-square-foot mansion in Danville, California, featuring amenities like an indoor basketball court, a resort-style pool, and a "Dilbert"-shaped wall. 

In 1997, Scott Adams received the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist and Best Newspaper Comic Strip. The "Dilbert" TV series earned a Primetime Emmy Award in 1999, solidifying Adams' impact in the world of cartoons.

Scott Adams has found himself entangled in a series of controversies throughout his career. Acknowledging the pitfalls of fame, Adams admitted to adopting a pseudonym while engaging in online discussions to defend himself against critics. In March 2020, he ventured into the realm of predictions, suggesting that Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden would contract COVID-19, with one of them succumbing to the virus by the year's end. This audacious forecast, labeled by Politico as one of the "most spectacularly incorrect prognostications of the year," added fuel to the controversies surrounding Adams.

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Furthermore, Adams' inflammatory statements regarding the potential consequences of a Biden victory in the 2020 presidential election, where he suggested that Republicans could be hunted and face peril, stirred additional controversy. The pinnacle of Adams' tumultuous journey came in February 2023 when he faced severe backlash for making racist and disparaging remarks against black people on his YouTube show. This incident led to the termination of his collaboration with the comic distributor and the subsequent removal of "Dilbert" from major outlets, including notable publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today Network, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It also marked a significant downturn in his career.

What is Scott Adams' net worth?

Scott Adams has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of December 2023.

How did Dilbert contribute to Scott Adams' wealth?

Dilbert's widespread popularity led to syndication in over 2,000 newspapers globally, resulting in substantial royalties and opportunities in television and merchandising.

What is Scott Adams doing now?

He re-published "God's Debris" for free for his subscribers, and would shortly publish an AI-voiced audiobook version.