A 'Fantastic' Star: Ezra Miller and His 'Magical' Fortune of $4 Million

A 'Fantastic' Star: Ezra Miller and His 'Magical' Fortune of $4 Million
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Name Ezra Miller
Net Worth $4 million
Sources of Income Acting, producing, writing, directing
Gender  Non-Binary
Age 30 
Date of Birth September 30, 1992
Nationality American
Profession Actor, producer, writer, director

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Ezra Miller is a talented American actor, producer, writer, and director who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. They have earned an estimated net worth of $4 million through their various roles and ventures as per Celebrity Net Worth. While they may be best recognized for their portrayals of Kevin Khatchadourian in "We Need to Talk About Kevin," The Flash in the DC Extended Universe films, and Credence Barebone in the "Fantastic Beasts" series, Miller has established themselves as a multi-faceted artist with numerous credits to their name.

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What are Ezra Miller's sources of income?

Ezra Miller's primary sources of income include their acting career, where they have taken on a diverse range of roles in both films and television. Additionally, Miller has ventured into producing, writing, and directing, further contributing to their financial success.

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Their early film "Afterschool" garnered them a notable sum of $150,000. Following this, the film "Another Happy Day" brought in a substantial $480,000. The critically acclaimed "We Need to Talk About Kevin" propelled Miller's career further, bringing in an impressive $650,000. As their prominence grew, Miller's portrayal of Barry Allen as The Flash in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" earned them a considerable $2 million. Their participation in the "Fantastic Beasts" series continued to elevate their earnings, and their role in "The Secrets of Dumbledore" marked a new milestone with a remarkable payment of $3 million. Through these varying roles, Ezra Miller's financial journey reflects their success and prominence in the entertainment industry.

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Ezra Miller resides in a lavish 7,200 square-foot residence situated in New Jersey, USA. The property was acquired by Miller for a substantial sum of $6 million. The exterior of the house exudes a charming vintage appeal, constructed using red bricks complemented by elegant marble embellishments. Inside, the residence boasts an impressive layout with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a refreshing pool, and an array of other desirable features.

Miller possesses a diverse asset portfolio, including four real estate properties, five cars, and a luxury yacht. They also maintain an investment portfolio consisting of eight stocks valued at $2 million. Notably, their cash reserves exceed $3 million, demonstrating astute wealth management.

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Ezra Miller is known for their open and honest discussions about their personal life. They came out as queer in 2012 and have shared their fluid and non-binary identity. Miller's unique perspective on gender and identity has led them to use various pronouns, including "they/them." Their journey of self-discovery and expression has inspired many in the LGBTQ+ community.

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Ezra Miller has received recognition and accolades for their performances. Notable awards include a Breakthrough Performer award for "Another Happy Day," Best Supporting Actor Award for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and a Male Revelation award at the Cannes Film Festival. Their work has also garnered nominations from various film festivals and industry organizations.

What role did Ezra Miller play in "Fantastic Beasts"?

Ezra Miller played the role of  Aurelius Dumbledore in the "Fantastic Beasts" film series.

Why is Ezra Miller not on Instagram?

Ezra Miller deleted his Instagram account after reportedly posting a series of memes mocking authorities who were actively looking for him on accusations of grooming and manipulating an underage fan.


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