What Analyst Ratings Suggest about Prospect’s Performance



Analysts’ ratings for Prospect

Of the eight analysts covering Prospect Capital (PSEC), two rated it a “buy” or “strong buy” in January 2017. Three analysts, or ~37.5%, rated it a “hold.” One analyst rated Prospect an “underperform” and two analysts rated the company a “sell.” Prospect’s mean target price is $8.05 per share, implying a fall of 7.9% from its current level. Prospect’s rating has remained stable over the past four months, with no change in analyst ratings.

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Competitors’ ratings

Let’s look at ratings for Prospect’s major competitors. Of the 17 analysts covering Ares Capital (ARCC) stock, 12 have given it a “buy” or “strong buy,” with five analysts giving a “hold” rating. For BlackRock Capital Investment (BKCC), all five analysts covering the stock gave it a “hold.” For Apollo Investment (AINV), four of the 13 analysts covering the stock rated the company a “buy” or “strong buy,” nine analysts gave “hold” ratings, and two analysts gave “underperform” or “sell” ratings. Together, Prospect’s competitors make up 4.1% of the PowerShares Global Listed Private Equity ETF (PSP).


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