Can Copying Google a Little Help Facebook?

Facebook escalates creativity war with Google

Facebook (FB) likes to set the trends in the social media world, but it seems sometimes it’s just as good to copy from a rival. For example, Facebook has come up with what looks like a reworked version of the “Google doodle.”

Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google has been celebrating special moments with colorful design tweaks of its Google logo on the homepage. Clicking on the logo opens more details about the event being celebrated, which could be the user’s birthday or a historic day.

Can Copying Google a Little Help Facebook?

Boosting engagement on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new feature along those lines. A new, colorfully designed message will appear on the news feed of Facebook users when there is a special moment. Facebook hopes the feature will spark discussion and the sharing of special events and moments on its platform. While that may sound like what is already happening on Facebook, the special moments feature could cause Facebook subscribers to spend a little more time on the site, boosting engagement on the platform.

In the social media world, platform engagement is a vital metric because marketers take into account such data when deciding where to spend their advertising budgets. Thus, if Facebook can boost engagement on its site courtesy of the special moments feature, the company not only stands a better chance of keeping its existing marketers, but also of stealing advertisers from rivals Google, Twitter (TWTR), and LinkedIn (LNKD).

Battle for digital video market

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are locked in a tight race for the control of digital advertising budgets. Recently, the companies have been trying to grow their presence in the digital video market as more television marketing dollars are expected to shift online. Other than Facebook and its social media peers, phone carriers like AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ) are also investing in digital video.