What Analysts Think about Apollo Global



Ratings on APO

Of the 15 analysts covering Apollo Global Management (APO) in February 2018, four are suggesting a “hold” on the stock, and five have given “strong buy” ratings. The remaining six analysts are recommending a “buy” on the stock. Of the 15 analysts that tracked APO in January 2018, five recommended a “strong buy,” and seven had suggested a “buy” on the stock. Three analysts gave the stock a “hold” rating.

Of the 15 analysts that analyzed APO in December 2017, seven suggested a “buy,” and four suggested a “hold” rating on APO. Four analysts suggested a “strong buy” rating.

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Ratings on FII, VRTS, and NTRS

Nine analysts were covering Federated Investors (FII) in February 2018. Five of these analysts are suggesting a “hold,” and three are recommending a “strong sell.” The remaining one analyst is suggesting a “sell” on the stock. No one is recommending a “buy” or “strong buy” on FII. These ratings were the same in January 2018.

Of the nine analysts that covered FII in December 2017, six had suggested a “hold,” one had suggested a “sell,” and two suggested a “strong sell.”

Seven analysts were covering Virtus Investment Partners (VRTS) in February 2018. Six are suggesting a “hold,” and one has given a “strong buy” rating on the stock. In January 2018, the ratings were the same.

19 analysts are tracking Northern Trust Corporation (NTRS) in February 2018. Two are suggesting a “strong buy,” 12 have given a “hold” rating, and one has recommended a “strong sell.” The remaining four analysts are suggesting a “buy” on NTRS.


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