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5 Easiest and Most Ingenious Fashion Hacks on TikTok

Consumers are pledging to buy less amid the climate and the cost-of-living crises.
UPDATED JAN 16, 2024
Cover Image Source: TikTok | shaynehydn | cameliafarhoodi | annabelstaite
Cover Image Source: TikTok | shaynehydn | cameliafarhoodi | annabelstaite

#fashionhacks crosses 17.4 billion views on TikTok

Woman Holding Leather Handbag | 
Godisable Jacob | Pexels
Woman holding leather handbag | Pexels/Godisable Jacob

The hashtag #fashionhacks has over 17.4 billion views on TikTok and understandably so as the practical ways of styling clothes are taking off. The interest chimes with the growing awareness of sustainable fashion. A fashion report found that a "growing niche of consumers is pledging to buy fewer or no new clothes amid growing anxiety about the climate and the cost-of-living crisis," via The Guardian. Today, we are taking a look at five such fashion hacks that may change your fashion game. Many of the hacks are pretty simple, about folding and cropping a piece of clothing.

1. The cropped shirt hack

TikTok |
Cropped shirt hack | TikTok | shaynehydn

Canada-based digital creator Shayne Hydn shows how she transforms an oversized shirt and turns it into a scrap shirt. She started by fastening the top button normally and then took the second button and buttoned it at the back of her neck before buttoning the rest of the buttons normally. "This hack is useful because it allows you to repurpose boring clothes easily without needing advanced sewing skills or equipment," says Hydn.

2. One shoulder top hack

Image Source: TikTok | cameliafarhoodi
One shoulder top hack | TikTok | cameliafarhoodi

For this one, you need to take a top with long sleeves and then tie them around yourself diagonally to create a one-shouldered handkerchief top. It's important to note that this top will be bold and backless. Another thing to note is that you would want to take something that has a bit of elasticity so that it's easier to wrap around. While the result looks nice, one wrong move can unravel it so one needs to be careful when trying this fashion hack.

3. Scarf hood hack

TikTok | annabelstaite
Scarf hood hack | TikTok | annabelstaite

This hack involves turning your scarf into a hood and is way simpler compared to the others. To do that all you would need to do is tuck the two ends of the scarf downwards, as shown by TikToker Annabel Staite. “Use a thick woolly scarf,” she advises. “I don’t think it would work as well with a thin scarf, and I also don’t think it would keep you very warm.” Most people have used checkers and thick scarves for this one and therefore, we recommend you do the same. 

4. Shoe hack

Instagram | stylexfox
Shoe hack | Instagram | stylexfox

This one involves stuffing a bra padding insert into the toe of a pointed shoe. This stops you from sliding forward and keeps your toes uncomfortable. According to @stylexfox’s Instagram reel, the idea is to make a cushion for your toes. “I’m always trying to find new ways to use bra inserts because I have a ton of them floating around,” says Sarah Brundage, the content creator who posted the Instagram video.

5. Baggy jeans hack

TikTok | hbelllla
Baggy jeans hack | TikTok | hbelllla

This TikToker shows how to get the jeans to fit perfectly. The solution is to cut a small hole near each side of the button fastening the inside layer of the jeans. Then all we need to do is attach a safety pin to the long showplace. "Try watching it in 0.5 playback speed," she says in the video. Many took to the video to talk about the fact that the safety pin inside can get stuck halfway around and some said that using a bobby pin instead of a safety pin is the better option. A few people did not like the idea and thought that there were simpler ways to solve the problem of loose-fitted jeans. “Just wear a belt!" wrote one person. However, there are outfits where a belt is simply not an option and that's when this hack can come in handy.