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Top 6 Reddit-Recommended Purchases of 2023

Each story contributes to the collective wisdom of the Reddit community, turning the platform into a valuable resource.
UPDATED JAN 18, 2024
Cover Image Source: Reddit-Recommended Purchases of 2023 | Pexels
Cover Image Source: Reddit-Recommended Purchases of 2023 | Pexels

Here's Top 6 Reddit-Recommended Purchases

Image Source: Photo by Jessica McGowan | Getty Images
Image Source: Photo by Jessica McGowan | Getty Images

Today, everyone is on the lookout for the best deals and purchases that offer substantial value. Reddit has emerged as a treasure trove of diverse experiences and insights. Among the various discussions and threads, one noteworthy trend has taken shape – users sharing stories about the best things they spent their money on. This article explores six such purchases that have received resounding praise from Redditors, backed by expert opinions that shed light on their true worth.

1. Collectibles

Ebay | Getty Images | Smith Collection/Gado
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Smith Collection

One Reddit user recounted a significant profit made from purchasing football cards for $100, later selling them for a whopping $425. Trae Bodge, renowned for her expertise in smart shopping, underscores the strategic approach of acquiring items for less than their market value to sell them at a higher place on platforms like eBay. The widespread user base and diverse product categories on eBay provide ample opportunities for sellers to connect with buyers seeking a wide range of items. Specialized sites such as can also be lucrative avenues for such transactions.

2. Fitbit

Pexels | Photo by Mikhail Nilov
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Mikhail Nilov

A Reddit user claimed that a Fitbit Versa 2 helped them lose weight and track sleep. Trae Bodge endorses the idea of investing $100 in items that promote healthy habits, stating that good health is a far less expensive alternative to ill health. Bodge recommends savvy buyers explore platforms like Slickdeals for cost-effective deals. Leveraging such deal-hunting platforms can potentially lead to substantial savings, allowing individuals to acquire a high-quality fitness tracker without breaking the bank. 

3. Musical Instruments

Willie Nelson's guitar
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rick Kern

Several Reddit users expressed joy in purchasing musical instruments, such as a ukulele or a Squier Strat at around $100. Bodge suggests considering gently used instruments from platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or music shops to maximize value. Daniel Szczesniak of All Gifts Considered believes that musical instruments, even entry-level ones, can be a great investment for those willing to put in the effort. He emphasizes that the commitment required to learn and master a musical instrument fosters discipline, patience, and a sense of accomplishment, making it a worthwhile pursuit.

4. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image Source: Pexels | Arina Krasnikova
Image Source: Pexels | Arina Krasnikova

While one Redditor found joy in a Fallout 4 Christmas sweater bought during a hungover moment, Szczesniak cautions against this trend. He argues that the mass production of 'ugly' Christmas sweaters has cheapened the novelty, suggesting alternatives like handmade sweaters from Etsy for a more authentic and durable purchase. Emphasizing the value of supporting independent artisans, he argues that these handcrafted pieces bring back a sense of individuality and genuine artistry to the holiday wardrobe. 

5. A Special Meal

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 15: Five year aged Jamon de Bellota Iberico, Spanish ham, is on display during 91st Academy Awards Governors Ball press preview at Dolby Theatre on February 15, 2019 in Hollywood, California.|Getty Images|Photo by Kevork Djansezian
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kevork Djansezian

A heartwarming Reddit story involved spending money on groceries to prepare a meal for someone else. Szczesniak applauds this gesture, stating that the time, effort, and money spent on blessing others will always be more memorable and meaningful than self-indulgent purchases. Acts of kindness, especially towards those facing challenging circumstances, contribute to a more fulfilling use of one's resources. Whether it involves offering support to a neighbor in need, volunteering time at a local charity, or contributing to a cause that aligns with personal values, the ripple effects of these benevolent actions are far-reaching. 

6. Home Improvement Help

Image Source: Photo by Craig Adderley | Pexels
Image Source: Photo by Craig Adderley | Pexels

A first-time homeowner on Reddit praised the purchase of an electric screwdriver/drill, saving their wrist on numerous home projects. Having a reliable electric drill is a game-changer when it comes to tackling home improvement tasks. Szczesniak recommends reputable brands like Dewalt, emphasizing their exceptional durability and utility. According to him, the electric drill is a must-have and can be used for many do-it-yourself projects, from simple household repairs to more complex renovations. Its ability to effortlessly drill holes, drive screws, and handle various attachments makes it an essential component of any homeowner's toolkit.