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Top 10 Perks That Guarantee Employee Satisfaction

Employees look for a culture that makes them feel they are growing with the organization.
Cover Image Source: 10 perks to keep happy, satisfied, and loyal employees | Pexels
Cover Image Source: 10 perks to keep happy, satisfied, and loyal employees | Pexels

10 Unique Yet Cool Corporate Benefits That Employees Love

Incorporate these 10 quirky and fun employee benefits and let them make their work fun leading to happy employees|Pexels
Quirky and fun employee benefits | Pexels

The success of an organization depends on how satisfied the employees feel when working with the company. Apart from monetary perks, employees look for a culture and environment that gives them a sense that they are growing with the organization and contributing to the greater good. Every individual has their definition of what makes them happy. So, it becomes important for companies to come up with some cool perks that can keep most of the workforce happy and motivated for the growth of the organization.

1. In-house upskilling

Employees leveraging the in-house training sessions and upskilling their professional portfolio|Pexels
Employees leveraging the in-house training sessions and upskilling their professional portfolio | Pexels

Employees working at mid and lower levels can dream of becoming a director or CEO. Companies are now focusing on the organization's growth and the employees' individual growth. Therefore, it offers its employees the leverage to attend several sessions and discussion forums and organize several professional development courses for the employees' growth. This helps in creating a friendly culture, allowing them to discover their potential as well as attain satisfactory work-life balance.

2. Family-driven pros

Give you family the health and other benefits of being employed in a happy company|Pexels
Family health and other benefits  | Pexels

Every man or woman working in a company expects some benefits for their family members, including their elderly parents. Companies like Deloitte, and Gartner offer various health and medical plans for their spouses, kids, and elderly parents. Companies are now moving towards and encouraging the concept of parental paid leaves as the father also needs to enjoy and absorb the moment. Gartner also grants leaves to its employees to take care of their partner, or parents, and employees don't have to wait for leave approvals or hesitate in taking one when their family needs them. 

3. Flexible working hours 

Companies are now encouraging flexible working hours resulting in working from anywhere or a hybrid setting|Pexels
Companies are now encouraging flexible working hours | Pexels

After the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies have switched back to working from a physical office space while other companies have stayed either on a hybrid or a flexible work-from-home model. Some companies such as Netflix, Apple, Dell, and Nike encourage their employees to work at their own pace and hours as long as the work is being done within the given timeline. Employees at all levels can take days off or leave and they support the reason of not being in the correct state of mind or not having the will to work. This gives employees comfort and space and they bounce back with more passion and dedication. 

4. Prioritizing mental health

Mental health is equally important as physical and emotional health and companies understand that|Pexels
Mental health is equally important as physical and emotional health | Pexels

Being happy does not mean a person is okay from the inside and nowadays companies understand the importance of mental health and how office stress can hamper it. Therefore, to help the employees struggling with it and not coming forward, companies organize counseling sessions and offer support in every way possible. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Union Pacific, and American Airlines are proud supporters of mental health and are working to help their employees as much as they can. 

5. Weekly fun activities 

Employees having a fun day at work and engaging with each other|Pexels
Employees having a fun day at work and engaging with each other | Pexels

Having fun activities once a week has become essential to eliminate the monotonous feeling and to make employees feel that the company cares about their well-being. Some companies organize fun Friday activities with games or dance face-offs. Other companies like Patagonia give their employees the opportunity of mid-day surfing or having basketball and volleyball matches. Their main aim is to keep the employees physically fit and content. These activities also help employees engage and get to know the internal teams better. 

6. Casual Fridays and exciting theme days 

Giving employees their space by introducing casual Fridays and not always being around them can help them grow|Pexels
Giving employees their space by introducing casual Fridays | Pexels

The trend of casual Fridays and theme days is increasing across companies. As the weekend approaches, every employee tends to become a little lazy, and if the HR organizes some fun theme that energizes them, they fully participate. Companies such as IBM, Ford, and General Motors are moving toward the trend of casual Fridays and encouraging their employees to work, have fun with their team, and include others in the meetups and casual group discussions.  

7. Encourage healthy choices

Healthy choices are made and you can encourage those amongst your employees as their well-being is your responsibility|Pexels
Encouraging your employees to go for healthy choices is important | Pexels

Every office has canteens and food courts but not every company offers and encourages its employees to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. FarmLogs has a personal chef to make healthy dinners for its employees whereas BLASTmedia offers a personal trainer for its employees so that their health is intact. Many companies are working towards encouraging healthy lifestyles, food habits, and workouts, and guiding their employees on how to prepare their diet and incorporate healthy habits. This results in a fit body, a healthy mind, and an active lifestyle which multiplies employee productivity and dedication. 

8. On-Site health benefits

Yoga sessions and health checkups in office have become crucial|Pexels
Yoga sessions and health checkups in the office have become crucial | Pexels

Companies focus on employee's health as they do not want any risks or liabilities after employment. They do a thorough health check before onboarding them and also organize regular health checkups to monitor their well-being and suggest breaks if needed. Companies like Snapdeal, Jabong, Intel, and Infosys hold yoga sessions, and many companies encourage exercise classes, massages, and other fitness-related training. This makes them feel comfortable and energizes them to work productively for the whole year.

9. Higher education support 

For some employees accumulating money for their higher education is necessary and many employers come forward and encourage them to pursue their studies and the company supports them with the funds as well|Pexels
For some employees, accumulating money for their higher education is necessary | Pexels

Education is the key to the growth of corporate employees, and employees these days are keenly looking to add degrees to their resume, to upskill themselves and make themselves credible in the highly competitive job market. In such a scenario, employees look for companies that have plans/benefits in place to support their higher education goals. For instance, many Fortune 500 companies support the higher education of employees by offering sponsorship programs or tuition reimbursement plans. Some notable names include Microsoft, Intel, Ford, Boeing, and Bank of America.

10. Give back 

Contributing or giving back to the society has become essential in corporate culture and the employees feel good by the particular initiative|Pexels
Contributing or giving back to society has become essential in corporate culture | Pexels

Every employee is an individual who carries emotions and feelings associated with a cause. That cause could be related to the welfare of the community they come from, any illness that has affected them or any of their close ones, or maybe any social event that has impacted them gravely. For companies, it becomes quintessential to support the causes employees connect with and give them a sense of feeling that the organization stands with them. Companies like Salesforce, Intuit, Bank of America, and NVIDIA are setting good examples for other companies to follow in this space.