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From Pet Care to Behavior Specialist, 10 Best Careers In Animal Care That Pay Well

Most people working in animal health are used to fieldwork and there are many opportunities for the same.
Pexels | Oleksandr P
Pexels | Oleksandr P

10 best careers in animal care

Amy Chung | Pexels
Deer | Amy Chung | Pexels

If you are interested in working for the animals, then you should know that in today's world, a career in animal care has great prospects. There are plenty of animal care jobs which are not only inspiring and fun but also pay well. Here are 10 cool career options with animals that may take you to the depths of the ocean or through dense forests. Don't worry, there are plenty of options for animal lovers who don't prefer intense adventures as well.

1. Animal conservation

Pexels | Iurii Ivashchenko
Lions | Pexels | Iurii Ivashchenko

Working in the animal conservation department requires you to be passionate about ecosystems and natural environments. In this job, being scared of claws and scales won't work, so make sure that you love the outdoors and are willing to go to great lengths to make a difference in these animals' lives. A few responsibilities may include studying water and plants and ensuring that these support animal life. Preventing hazards that cause erosion and pollution is also the responsibility of people working in animal conservation. The average salary for this job is $60,729 per year, per

2. Veterinary science

Pranidchakan Boonrom | Pexels
Vet operating an animal | Pranidchakan Boonrom | Pexels

If you have work experience and a degree in medicine and are passionate about animal health, then you could be treating injured and sick animals for a living. You could also be working to prevent illness and on vaccines. Most people working in animal health are used to fieldwork and there are many opportunities for the same. Some responsibilities may include applying first aid to animals and treating pets who are sick. Educating the owner is also the job of a medical professional. With experience, you may also become a surgeon. The average salary for this job is $123980 per year, per Indeed

3. Pet care

Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk
Playing with a dog | Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk

If you simply love hanging out with pets, then pet care may be perfect for you. This job is typically low-pressure and pretty flexible. You can start by becoming a dog walker and then, a dog groomer, a dog trainer, or a pet sitter. Some of the responsibilities of a pet care professional may include upholding the well-being of companion animals and looking after the pet's home when the owners are away. Give meaningful advice to animal owners and make sure they are living a healthy life even when the owners are away. The average salary of a pet care professional is $83,000 per year, per ZipRecruiter.

4. Agriculture

Pexels | Trinity Kubassek
Lamb | Pexels | Trinity Kubassek

There are loads of opportunities to work with animals if you are interested in the farming and agriculture industry. Animal lovers may enjoy collecting products like eggs, milk, and honey, implementing or developing sustainable farming processes, and ensuring that animals are healthy. The good thing about working in this sector is that you don't need specific qualifications to land a job. However, if you do happen to have a degree, it is sure to come in handy. The average salary of an agriculture specialist is $53,298 per year, per Indeed. 

5. Animal rescue

International Fund for Animal Welfare | Pexels
International Fund for Animal Welfare | Pexels

Animal rescue jobs can be more than just caring for an ill or injured animal. The job of people working in this sector includes making sure that the animals are rehabilitated. Some animal programs work to make them fit again for surviving in the wild while other programs take them under their wings for the rest of their lives. As an animal rescuer, one has to be willing to work in a variety of conditions and will have to spend a lot of time outdoors on rescue missions. The average salary for animal rescuers falls in the range of $81,357 to $104,853 per year, per

6. Working for aqua life

 Lachlan Ross | Pexels
Turtle swimming underwater | Lachlan Ross | Pexels

If you enjoy being in or near the water bodies, then this job is the right fit for you. You will be able to work by the ocean, in the ocean, in big aquariums, marine parks, and more. Some of these jobs do require you to master certain skills like scuba diving but rest easy that not all jobs in this category require you to be in or under water. Many jobs in this sector pay well and workers in this department typically have a Bachelor's degree and other additional field-specific certificates. The average salary of this job is in the range of $81K-$151K per year, per Glassdoor. 

7. Animal nutritionist 

Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva
Feeding animals | Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva

If you are trained in animal nutrition, then many duties require your expertise. Animal nutritionists are responsible for making proper diet charts and lifestyles for animals who are under care. Working in this field requires you to have a bachelor's degree with a specialization in animal science. You can start by volunteering at animal shelters or simply getting a part-time job in this department. Responsibilities may include compiling recommendations for farmers, zookeepers' evaluation of diets, and more. The average salary for this role is $80,390 per year, per Unity Environmental University. 

8. Zoologist

 Nicat Teymurov | Pexels
Caring for birds | Nicat Teymurov | Pexels

Being a zoologist means that you will be respected and paid well for the rest of your working life. Responsibilities include making a support program for animals and endangered species, estimating, monitoring, and managing wildlife populations and invasive species. You may also be required to track animal life cycles and conduct research that may help the future of the animal and bio life of the world. Zoology focuses on evolution, anatomy as well as the behavior of animals, and their health. The average salary of a zoologist is $64,650 per year, per Unity Environmental University. 

9. Conservation biologist

 Erik Mclean | Pexels
A fox on a road | Erik Mclean | Pexels

If you are a scientist, working as a conservation biologist is a great idea. Your main responsibilities will include being an advocate for endangered species, habitat loss, and the impact of global changes. Through science, you will be able to protect wildlife, their habitats, and the planet. You will need a bachelor's degree that is beneficial for the success of this career. If you are interested in conducting research and working to protect our biodiversity, then this career option is the best for you. The average salary of a conservation biologist is $63,750 per year, as per Unity Environmental University. 

10. Animal behavior expert

 Helena Lopes | Pexels
Playing with a dog | Helena Lopes | Pexels

Your role as an animal behavior expert will be to study animal behavior and understand their needs better. Other responsibilities include animal observing and recording their behaviors, developing treatment plans, and even educating the owners. You may also be required to research environmental factors and develop strategies that will help improve the welfare of the animals. To work as a behaviorist, you will need a bachelor's degree as well as an advanced degree. Behavior experts are also called ethologists who are interested in the behavioral processes of animals. The average salary is $33,683 per year, per