Tag: US-China Tariff War

Yesterday, CNBC’s 'Mad Money' host, Jim Cramer, weighed in on Caterpillar and Boeing third-quarter earnings and the stock market reaction.

The Dow Jones Industrial Index (or DJIA) is trading just 2.2% below its all-time high. But is the stock bubble about to burst?

US steel stocks spiked on Friday as trade deal optimism lifted equity markets. Metals and mining stocks were the biggest gainers in Friday’s trade.

Freeport-McMoRan’s mean consensus price of $13 represents a potential upside of 41.8% over its closing prices on Tuesday.

President Trump’s trade war tactics aren't good for the US. The trade war is hurting China and the rest of the world. The trade war is a "no-win" situation!

Last year, President Trump slapped a 10% tariff on US aluminum imports. Alcoa didn't support the tariffs in the first place.

Over 130 US chipmakers, software companies, and other suppliers have submitted applications for non-security sales to Chinese handset maker Huawei.

US airline stocks fell drastically on August 23. The industry seems to be bearing the brunt of the escalating trade war and sluggish economic growth concerns.

The Trump administration floated the sale of fighter jets to Taiwan. In an $8 billion deal, Lockheed Martin plans to sell 66 F-16 fighters to Taiwan.

President Trump tweeted about his plans to meet with Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook. It's possible that they could discuss Apple’s US manufacturing plans.