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Ford plans to produce autonomous cars for ridesharing by 2021. GM acquired Cruise, a self-driving startup, to kickstart its autonomous driving plans.

Tesla is due to release its third-quarter earnings today after the markets close. Will Elon Musk answer analysts’ questions about Walmart solar roof fires?

In today’s Get Real, we saw that several third-quarter results are out and all over the board. We also have recommendations for stocks to watch going forward.

Tesla (TSLA) is scheduled to release its third-quarter earnings today after the market close. The stock has been trading with positive momentum.

In today’s Get Real, we saw lots of insight about third-quarter earnings. Will Tesla be able to recreate last year's magic? Plus, smart homes could be the future.

In a surprising move, a bullish Tesla investor has sold massive quantities of Tesla stock this month, according to Business Insider.

Tesla’s (TSLA) third-quarter earnings are scheduled for Wednesday. Notably, the company will likely post a loss in the quarter.

On October 9, PG&E cut power to 800,000 Californians as a precaution against wildfires. Elon Musk's tweet highlighted the Tesla Powerwall as an alternative.

MacRumors recently reported that Quanta Computer supplied autonomous driving solutions to Apple. Apple has tested its self-driving car in Cupertino.

Tesla (TSLA) has delivered a record number of cars for two consecutive quarters and seems to be on track for another record in the fourth quarter.