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Ever since it was rejected at the $230 resistance level in August of last year, Apple (AAPL) stock has struggled to get its mojo back.

Target has just announced a partnership with Toys R Us parent company Tru Kids Brands to manage online sales and order fulfillment.

In today's Get Real, we saw Nio stock floundering while Trump threatens to delist Alibaba and Baidu. Plus, Amazon's underperformance, a recession, and more.

Nio stock has lost half of its value in the past week, and it's notched a new record low that’s well below its IPO price. Should you cut your losses?

Talk about a turnaround! After a swing and a miss in its July earnings report, Nike (NKE) is now the comeback kid. But is NKE stock still a buy?

On Sunday, President Trump took a significant step to minimize the upside in oil. He tweeted that the SPR will be used to limit oil prices' upside.

I’ve been pounding the table for a while on Nio (NIO) stock as a viable alternative to the rather richly priced Tesla (TSLA).

Disney, Netflix, and Apple are competing with rival streaming services. But has the streaming war really morphed into a price war? And if so, who’s winning?

If you're looking to diversify your portfolio, asset management stocks are worth a look. Here's how to pick the right asset management stock to invest in.

On August 27, in an interview with CNBC, Morgan Stanley's Mike Wilson reiterated his earlier target of $2,750 for the S&P 500 Index (SPY) in 2019.