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According to Makan Delrahim, the T-Mobile and Sprint merger would increase competition in the wireless market and benefit consumers.

Sprint (S) stock fell about 0.88% on Tuesday and closed the trading day at $6.78. It was trading 15.88% below the 52-week high of $8.06.

Currently, T-Mobile (TMUS) stock is trading at 19.75x analysts' fiscal 2019 EPS estimate of $4.01, and 16.50x their fiscal 2020 estimate of $4.80.

T-Mobile's (TMUS) retail employees and technicians want assurance that the proposed merger with Sprint (S) won't result in job losses.

T-Mobile has paused some of its 5G network deployment efforts amid its pending Sprint merger. The stock fell 1.2% on Tuesday and closed at $77.13.

Sprint (S) stock fell 9.7% in August and closed at $6.79. However, Sprint rose 0.7% in the last five trading days of August and is up 16.7% year-to-date.

T-Mobile (TMUS) stock fell 4.0% in August and closed at $78.05. The stock rose 2.1% in the last five trading days of August.

Currently, AT&T (T) is deploying its commercial 5G mobile services across the US. In August, AT&T reached 21 cities with its 5G mobile phone service.

On Tuesday, Sprint’s (S) mobile 5G (fifth-generation) network went live in certain parts of Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York City, and Washington, DC.

On Tuesday, Oppenheimer analyst Timothy Horan downgraded T-Mobile stock to “perform” from “outperform.” The analyst also removed the target price.