Some of the older Samsung TV and Roku (ROKU) devices won't stream Netflix (NFLX) starting on December 1 due to some technical limitations.

The road for Netflix is getting rockier by the day. As it prepares for the imminent streaming wars, it's been caught off guard by a new development.

Netflix has been a hotbed of speculation over the past few weeks. The run-up to its third-quarter results saw bursts of optimism and disappointment.

Yesterday, Netflix (NFLX) posted better-than-expected subscriber growth for the third quarter. What does this mean for the upcoming Apple TV+ launch?

As Netflix (NFLX) gears up for its third-quarter results, the key metric in focus will be its subscriber count. What do analysts expect?

Netflix stock has lost value amid weak Q2 results and increasing competition. Ahead of its Q3 results, investors should watch its subscriber growth.

Netflix (NFLX) has something to smile about. A Piper Jaffray survey has revealed customers may not leave Netflix for Disney+ and Apple TV+.

Netflix (NFLX) used to dominate the SVOD streaming services market. It was a leader with few competitors and a subscriber base of over 150 million.

According to Reuters, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (NFLX) said companies like Disney (DIS) and Apple (AAPL) will boost already rising production costs.

Apple will offer Apple TV+ for $4.99 per month. This news sent Netflix (NFLX) and Disney's (DIS) stock prices down 2.16% and 2.19%, respectively.