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Facebook critics, from Donald Trump to Democratic presidential nominee candidate Elizabeth Warren, are rushing to the platform to promote their campaigns.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden are both critics of how Facebook runs its huge advertising business.

A New York judge has ordered that President Trump can't force his accountant not to provide his tax and financial information to New York prosecutors.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has vowed to break up big tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon if she becomes president.

Markets retreated to the news of President Trump's impeachment inquiry, his comments related to the trade war, and dismal consumer confidence data.

With the inquiry into President Trump's impeachment, it might be the right time to accumulate gold. Will gold reach $2,000 per ounce?

The Dow Jones dropped 140 points today. This drop was driven by several factors, including a potential impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is known for voicing his opinion on federal marijuana legalization. He supports marijuana legalization.

With Biden strongly opposing full-scale legalization, President Trump could turn around things. President Trump might support medical marijuana legalization.

Cannabis legalization is gaining traction not only in the US but also globally. The third presidential Democratic debate was held on September 12.