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Yesterday, President Trump tweeted that he would delay the upcoming hike on the China tariffs. US semiconductor companies are sensitive to trade wars.

AMD stock, sensitive to the success of new products, has risen by a mid-to-high-single-digit percentage on new product launches and market share gains.

The CPU war between Intel and Advanced Micro Devices has intensified. For the first time, AMD is competing with Intel on the technology front.

Intel (INTC) stock has been on the rise since the start of September. The stock has risen 5.7% in the last three days and 11.4% in the past two weeks.

Chip maker Intel (INTC) stock rose in the premarket session today. At 9:26 AM ET, it was up 1.86% on expectations of a trade war truce.

Some analysts see Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as disruptive, in that it creates, transforms, and disrupts the entire industry.

Currently, the global market is a mess. Investors want more conservative dividend stocks in defensive sectors like consumer staples and utilities.

The recent delay in the tariffs on China has sent a wave of optimism throughout the tech sector—especially the semiconductor industry.

Everyone's heard that data is the new oil. But Paradata shows that data is like crude oil—if you don't refine it into something you can use, it’s useless.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) stock gained 4.01% after market hours as the chipmaker launched its much-awaited EPYC Rome server processor.