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On Wednesday, Alan Greenspan told CNBC, "Overall, the economy seems to be sagging." According to President Trump, the economy is in great shape.

Gold closed at $1,541 per ounce yesterday. Despite Trump's reassurances that trade talks are progressing, bond markets seem to be preparing for a recession.

Gold hit a fresh six-year high on Friday as trade tensions between the US and China escalated. The SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) closed up 2%.

Mark Mobius endorsed gold. He predicted that gold (GLD) might top $1,500, which came true. The commodity traded at $1,514.5 at 8:45 AM ET.

The US Dollar Index, which measures the strength of the dollar against a basket of other currencies, has risen 2.2% in the past month.

On August 12, in a note, Goldman Sachs's David Kostin said, "Services stocks have less exposure to trade conflict given they have lower foreign input costs."

Today, bond yields are sinking and stock markets are tanking as markets become fearful of an upcoming recession.

Gold prices received a boost after President Trump’s tweet that 10% duties would be levied on $300 billion of Chinese goods starting on September 1.

Today's federal funds rate cut was the first in a decade. Find out how stocks and gold reacted to the Federal Reserve's decision.

After the turnaround in gold prices that began at the end of 2018, the fortunes for gold stocks are also looking brighter.