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Netflix’s earnings results show continued revenue and subscriber growth but also continuing challenges as the market becomes more competitive.

Netflix (NFLX) released its third-quarter results after the market closed on Wednesday. The company's international subscriber growth beat the expectations.

Disney's introduction of subscription video service Hotstar to international markets could pile even more competitive pressure on Netflix (NFLX).

As Netflix (NFLX) gears up for its third-quarter results, the key metric in focus will be its subscriber count. What do analysts expect?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to launch the iPhone SE2 in Q1 2020. Priced at $399, it could help Apple gain traction in India and Southeast Asia.

Disney-owned Hulu plans to introduce video downloads, which Netflix has offered for three years. Disney hopes to narrow Netflix’s competitive advantage.

Disney, which plans to launch its Disney+ video service to rival Netflix, has banned the streaming giant from advertising on its television networks.

In today's Get Real, we saw that Disney+ was down before it even got started and that Southwest is suing Boeing. Plus, the unicorn bubble could burst soon…

Netflix stock has lost value amid weak Q2 results and increasing competition. Ahead of its Q3 results, investors should watch its subscriber growth.

Disney's (DIS) Disney+ video service will launch on November 12. It's already taken several steps in efforts to grab market share from rival Netflix.