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In today’s Get Real, we saw Tesla's plans for China, AMD's expectations for 2020, the state of crude oil prices, and more.

Today's bigger-than-expected fall in gasoline inventories might have supported crude oil prices. But how long can that momentum last?

The long-awaited Saudi Aramco IPO is confirmed. Based on estimates, this could be the largest IPO. Also, Aramco could be the biggest listed company.

Today at 8:25 AM ET, US crude oil prices have fallen 0.8%. Prices continue to decline after the EIA released inventory data on Wednesday.

On Monday, WTI crude oil prices fell 1.5% and settled at $55.81 per barrel. So far, US crude oil active futures have risen 3.2% in October.

On October 22, US crude oil prices rose 1.6% and settled at $54.16 per barrel. The S&P 500 Index (SPY) fell 0.4% on the same day.

Today, as of 6:28 AM ET, US crude oil prices have risen 1.8%. Oil prices rose after the media reported that a missile hit Iranian oil tankers in the Middle East.

Just as the Fed is set to ponder an interest rate cut amid fears of a US slowdown, the People’s Bank of China has kept its one-year interest rate steady.

US crude oil active futures fell 2.1% last week, the fourth straight weekly drop. US crude oil prices fell 4.7% on August 7 after the EIA inventory report.