In a very brief statement on September 19, Airbnb announced its intention to go public in 2020. The timing of the statement is interesting.

Reports indicate that WeWork is looking to cut its valuation by over 50% to ease its upcoming IPO. WeWork was privately valued at $47 billion in January.

WeWork is gearing up for an IPO. On Wednesday, the company made its IPO filing with the SEC public and expects to garner $3.5 billion from its IPO.

WeWork is looking to raise about $3.5 billion with its IPO, making it the second-largest biggest IPO this year after Uber’s IPO in May.

Although the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have recovered by 1.05% and 1.55% today, Beyond Meat stock (BYND) was down 9.6% this morning.

Beyond Meat's earnings for the second quarter came out on Monday, July 29. The company reported mixed second-quarter results.