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American Airlines (AAL) stock rose 5.6% last week. There was continued momentum in American Airlines shares.

Boeing received positive news today. The aircraft manufacturer unveiled that it had received new orders for its twin-aisle wide-body 777-300ER aircraft.

Today, Reuters reported that Boeing (BA) is aiming to make certain structural changes to improve its feedback mechanism for safety concerns.

Boeing stock survived the market sell-off on August 23. It gained on the day in anticipation of its troubled 737 MAX jets flying once again in October.

Boeing (BA) stock closed 4.2% higher yesterday on news of its production ramp-up plan for its troubled 737 MAX planes.

Boeing plans to hire hundreds of temporary staff to help get the grounded 737 MAX planes ready for delivery. The company is waiting for regulatory safety approval.

Boeing (BA) has pushed back the delivery of yet another variant of its ultra-long-range 777X jets, Reuters reported on August 14.

The worldwide flying ban on Boeing’s 737 MAX planes has entered its sixth month, hurting every airline that either owns or has ordered the model.

Delta Air Lines (DAL) may be an interesting investment choice right now, given the many factors that could boost its stock price in the near term.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg expressed optimism over the 737 MAX’s Q4 return to service. Boeing plans to submit the MAX certification packages next month.