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Despite being a target for investigations, regulatory pressures, and criticism, Facebook (FB) easily managed to beat estimates for its third quarter.

Google has announced that it's going to start adding third-party ad targeting and browser privacy restrictions to Google Chrome.

The US fixed income market saw a strong close to 2018.

Is the rally in January a sign of things to come in 2019, or will we face another significant sell-off like in 2018?

Moat companies (MOAT) (FB) (INTC) or moat stocks are companies that have an advantage over their competitors in the industry.

The cautionary advice to “expect the unexpected” makes a lot of sense for investors—at least in the sense that we should all learn to manage our own expectations by realizing there are outcomes we may not have anticipated.

While economic growth in the United States hasn't decelerated steeply yet, growth has been declining in several developed markets and some major emerging markets.

“Don’t fight the Fed” is an old investing mantra, suggesting that investments should align with the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies instead of against them.

In this period of rising rates, floating rate investment grade bonds (FLTR) are attractive options for investors.

In a new report, we examine the growing opportunities for investors to gain exposure to China’s equity and bond markets, from key policy changes to their inclusion in equity and fixed income benchmarks.