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The EIA released its inventory report at 10:30 AM ET. WTI crude oil prices rose around 0.4% at 11:31 AM ET from their last closing level.

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At 11:46 AM ET, US crude oil prices were up 0.7% from the last trading session. The EIA plans to release its inventory report tomorrow.

Google (GOOG) won a deal to provide cloud computing services to Ascension, the largest Catholic health system in the world.

Walt Disney (DIS) won’t give Netflix room to rest. Its much-anticipated Disney+ has arrived, and Disney is now preparing another attack.

In the week that ended on November 8, WTI crude oil prices rose 1.9% and closed at $57.24 per barrel. However, oversupply concerns limited the upside.

After being found to have infringed on Waymo’s intellectual property, Uber has two choices. One could offer a major boon for Alphabet’s Waymo.

Natural gas prices are falling while the rise in natural gas inventories came in below expectations. So prices on track, or are they ignoring the EIA data?

Today's bigger-than-expected fall in gasoline inventories might have supported crude oil prices. But how long can that momentum last?

In the week ended November 1, WTI crude oil prices fell 0.8% and settled at $56.20 per barrel. Year-to-date, active WTI futures have risen 23.8%.