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Integrated oil companies ExxonMobil and Chevron have strong upstream portfolios, which play a vital role in determining their profitabilities.

This week, three leading US steel companies provided their third-quarter earnings guidances. All these guidances were lower than analysts were expecting.

Today, the EIA plans to report natural gas inventories for the week ended September 13. A negative inventories spread could support natural gas prices.

Today at 12:44 PM ET, US crude oil prices declined 4.1%. News reports indicate that Saudi Arabia plans to restore its oil production by early October.

Yesterday, gold prices rose around 1%, or $15.90, following drone attacks on Saudi Arabia's Aramco oil facilities on September 14.

On Sunday, President Trump took a significant step to minimize the upside in oil. He tweeted that the SPR will be used to limit oil prices' upside.

On September 14, drones attacked Saudi Arabia Aramco's oil-infrastructure. Saudi Arabia's oil production has fallen by 50%.

On September 12, natural gas prices rose 0.9% to $2.574 per MMBtu, and the EIA reported its natural gas inventories for the week that ended on September 6.

Gold has been benefiting from the US-China trade war. However, some observers, such as Jim Cramer and Citigroup, disagree on what's in store for gold.

Trump’s tariff reprieve and trade war de-escalation lifted metal and mining stocks. Alcoa and Freeport-McMoRan have gained 25.8% and 12.8% in September.