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Investing in the blockchain, or just crypto-curious? Whatever the case, Market Realist can help you keep up with the cryptocurrency sector and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Breached another Landmark, AMD Stock Rose

Cryptocurrencies continued their exceptional run on June 26. Bitcoin (BTC) rose 15% and reached $13,400—a 17-month high.

How to Transact in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

If you have purchased bitcoin currency, and it's now in your digital wallet, there will likely be a time that you'll want to conduct a transaction with it.

Will Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Prove Buffett and Munger Wrong?

On June 18, US social media giant Facebook (FB) revealed the details of its upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. The company has formed a financial services subsidiary called Calibra to allow people to transact using Libra. In simple terms, Calibra is Facebook’s new digital wallet.
How Long Will the Bitcoin Rout Last?

How Long Will the Bitcoin Rout Last?

After hanging out near the $10,000 level for a while and testing investors’ patience, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has made headlines once again—but not in a good way.

Poloniex Sounds the Alarm after Customer Account Leak

Can a simple password reset be the solution to securing a complicated digital asset? Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex thinks so.
Facebook de Mol

Billionaire John de Mol Corners Facebook on Bitcoin Scam

Fake bitcoin investment ads put Facebook in trouble with Dutch billionaire and Big Brother reality show founder John de Mol.
Does YouTube censor cryptocurrency videos?

Did YouTube Delete Bitcoin Videos in a ‘Crypto Purge’?

A large number of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency videos on YouTube went missing, prompting many users to ask questions about what happened.

Will Libra Cryptocurrency Survive Assault from Lawmakers?

Last week, the US House of Representatives asked Facebook (FB) to stop developing its Libra cryptocurrency.

Libra Cryptocurrency Transactions Might Not Start in 2020

While Facebook set the middle of 2020 as the Libra Cryptocurrency's launch date, many people think that the deadline might be too aggressive.