Oil pump

Oil Price Outlook: Goldman Sachs Sees a New High

Last week, Goldman Sachs increased its target on oil prices, but only for the short term. Its long-term target on oil prices is almost unchanged.

Tesla’s Price Targets Went from $0 to $4,000!

Tesla (TSLA) might be one of the most polarizing stocks in the market right now. Along with investors, analysts are also divided on its outlook.
Is Shenzhen testing a cryptocurrency because of Zuckerberg?

Is China’s Cryptocurrency Test Due to the ‘Zuckerberg Effect’?

Could China's government-sponsored digital asset threaten Bitcoin? And how much of it can we trace back to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg?
Tech IPOs

Three Tech IPOs to Watch in 2020

In 2019, several tech IPOs hit the equity market, including Lyft, Uber, and Slack. Airbnb is one of the most highly anticipated IPOs of 2020.
Namaste Technologies eCommerce

Innovation, A.I., and eCommerce within Namaste’s Genius Platform Strategy Will Bridge...

Through its own AI-Powered Evolution, Namaste Technologies has built the most robust e-Ccmmerce platform that the pot industry desperately needs.
EdgeConneX Is Bringing Private Cloud Connectivity Solutions to Munich

EdgeConneX Is Bringing Private Cloud Connectivity Solutions to Munich

EdgeConneX offers connections to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, solving performance challenges by bringing cloud access to Munich’s enterprises.
lawsuit on charlotte web

Charlotte’s Web Lawsuit: How Can It Impact Investors?

Charlotte’s Web Holdings (CWEB) (CWBHF) is one of the latest cannabis companies to be served with a class-action lawsuit.

OrganiGram’s Disappointing Q4 Earnings: Hope for Investors?

OrganiGram reported its fourth-quarter earnings last week. The company's balance sheet saw an increase in its PPE to 219 million Canadian dollars.
illegal market

The Illegal Cannabis Market Needs Tougher Competition

The cannabis industry has hit a bottom with most cannabis stocks trading at their 52-week low. The illegal cannabis market is only adding to the problem.