Amazon Stock Is Irresistible, Wins Prominent Critic

Amazon stock seems irresistible even to its prominent critics. Nancy Bass Wyden bought as much as $250,000 worth of Amazon shares over the past month.

Marijuana Legalization Attempts in New York amid Protests

George Floyd's death has led to mass protests in the US. Notably, social injustice was one of the main motives behind legalizing marijuana.

Will Novavax Win the COVID-19 Vaccine Race?

Today at 7:52 AM ET, Novavax stock rose 11.7% to $49.88 in the pre-market session. The company received $60 million for its coronavirus vaccine candidate.
ZoomInfo IPO

ZoomInfo IPO and Its Connection with Zoom Video

ZoomInfo Technologies went public on June 4. The company followed in Warner Music Group's footsteps, which went public on June 3.
amazon breakup

Amazon Breakup: Why Tesla CEO Elon Musk Supports It

The Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) breakup issue became a hot topic last year. Now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been rooting for the breakup.
Warner IPO

Warner Music IPO: Will It Be Successful Like Spotify?

Warner Music Group went public on June 3. The company went public at $25 per share, which was toward the high end of the target range.

Why Broadcom Stock Is an Attractive Pick for Investors

Today at 6:07 AM ET, Broadcom stock rose 1.74% to $314.25 in the pre-market session. The company reported its second-quarter results on Thursday.
Softbank WeWork

Softbank Expands Investment Scope, Faces WeWork Lawsuit

Softbank launched a new investment vehicle called "Opportunity Growth Fund." The company has allocated $100 million for the new fund.
Aurora Cannabis

Why Aurora Cannabis Plans to Sell Its Stake in Alcanna

On Wednesday, Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) announced that it agreed to sell its stake in Alcanna to a group of underwriters led by Cormark Securities.