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Market Realist co-produces Real Insights reports with brands that our research team deems relevant to our audience. Brands’ views are clearly delineated from Market Realist analysis, though we provide a combined report for readers’ convenience. Market Realist may receive payment or other compensation from these brands. The opinions that brands express in these reports are their own.

How Will the Fixed Income Market Fare in 2019?

The US fixed income market saw a strong close to 2018.

What Could Threaten the Consumer Sector’s Strong Start to 2019

2018 wasn’t a good year for the US consumer sector due to escalating trade war tensions and a slowing economy.

What Brought the Communication Services Sector to Light in 2019?

In September 2018, the new S&P 500 Communication Services Sector index was launched.

Will Tech Stocks Lead the Way in 2019?

The technology sector, which usually drives the performance of the US stock market, also slowed down last year and declined 3.08%.

What 2019 May Have in Store for Financial Sector

Once the rate hikes picked up speed in 2018, it took a toll on the banking sector as a rapid increase in interest rates reduces the value of bonds.

Will the 2019 Market Rally Continue?

Is the rally in January a sign of things to come in 2019, or will we face another significant sell-off like in 2018?

Why Did the Moat Index Increase Its IT Exposure?

The IT sector was the most underweighted sector in the Morningstar Wide Moat Index last year. The sector reported a loss of 3.08% in 2018.

Moat Index: Dramatic Sector Allocation Shift in 2018

The healthcare sector dominated the sector weighting for the Morningstar Wide Moat Index in 2018. The sector returned ~5% in 2018.

What Did 2018 Bring for Moat Stocks?

Moat companies (MOAT) (FB) (INTC) or moat stocks are companies that have an advantage over their competitors in the industry.