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Partner Voice allows brands to connect directly with the Market Realist audience to provide educational information about products and investment choices. Each report is produced by the brand and approved for publication if our research team deems it educational and suitable for the Market Realist audience. Market Realist may receive payment or other compensation from these brands. The opinions that brands express in these reports are their own.

Hacking the Hospital— A Growing Cybersecurity Challenge

Throughout the current cycle, the healthcare sector has been a major source of growth for both the economy and investors. Over the past five...

Adding value with a rules-based model

While it’s true that an alarming majority of investment managers fail to outperform major indices over rolling 10-year periods, there is still a meaningful...

The Defined Contribution Market Meets Its Match

As a follow-up to our 2016 report on the evolving U.S. retirement market, we continue to take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges facing professionals in the defined contribution (DC) marketplace.

4 Principles for Investing Success

What does financial success look like for your clients? Is saving and investing about becoming wealthy, or is it really about securing a reasonable retirement, putting children through college, or buying that first home?

U.S. Economic Drag Is Fading, Upside Surprises Are Possible

OppenheimerFunds The U.S. economy was weaker than expected in 2016, the lagged effect of the Fed’s policy mistake in 2015. In our opinion, the worst...

Changing Growth Dynamics within Emerging Markets Part 2

Undiscovered source of alphaInvestors today have the choice of using active managers or ETFs to gain exposure to almost any asset class. Research shows...

Are your plan sponsor clients millennial-ready?

Over the past few decades, defined contribution (DC) plans have gradually adjusted their plan designs and investment lineups to accommodate a participant base heavily...

Are There Any Gold Bugs Left?

Gold is down only 8% this year, but it’s off almost 13% from its high. For some reason, it has lost its allure as a hedge to inflation and global turmoil.

Putting the Factors Together

Each factor of a fixed-income portfolio—so interest-rate sensitivity, credit exposure, and inflation sensitivity—may play an important role in constructing a dynamic fixed-income portfolio for target date investing.