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Partner Voice allows brands to connect directly with the Market Realist audience to provide educational information about products and investment choices. Each report is produced by the brand and approved for publication if our research team deems it educational and suitable for the Market Realist audience. Market Realist may receive payment or other compensation from these brands. The opinions that brands express in these reports are their own.

Why Gold Stocks Have Fallen More than Gold this Year

The gold price weakness caused gold stocks to fall in August as the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index (GDMNTR)2 and the MVIS Global Junior Gold Miners Index (MVGDXJTR)3 both declined 12.5%.
Namaste Technologies eCommerce

Innovation, A.I., and eCommerce within Namaste’s Genius Platform Strategy Will Bridge...

Through its own AI-Powered Evolution, Namaste Technologies has built the most robust e-Ccmmerce platform that the pot industry desperately needs.
Direxion ETFs

Direxion ETFs Can Help You Cut Your Losses

Here's how Direxion ETFs can help you cut your losses and generate alpha. Take a closer look at the S&P 500 and key indicators from the first half of 2019.
Should you risk your money with Netflix?

Why Netflix Is a Don’t-Touch Stock for Some Investors

Despite Netflix's cultural sway, we have yet to see if it can translate its popularity and binge-watching appeal into sustained commercial success.
ETF Investors Shift from Cyclicals to Defensives

ETF Investors Shift from Cyclicals to Defensives

Year-to-date, cyclical ETFs remain in the flow lead by over $1.37 billion even as both groups are now in outflows. Of course, this could change quickly.
EdgeConneX Is Bringing Private Cloud Connectivity Solutions to Munich

EdgeConneX Is Bringing Private Cloud Connectivity Solutions to Munich

EdgeConneX offers connections to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, solving performance challenges by bringing cloud access to Munich’s enterprises.
how do browser cookies work

Apomaya Is Helping Publishers Take Control of Cookies

Curious about browser cookies? Apomaya offers an innovative solution that puts publishers in the driving seat—without disturbing their online ecosystem.
What is kratom, and why is it banned in so many countries?

Why Don’t Kratom Companies Offer Public Stocks?

Kratom is a tropical herb extracted in Southeast Asia. Why is it illegal in so many countries? And will kratom companies hit the US market?
Enthusiast Gaming Reddit esports

Enthusiast Gaming Could Be the Reddit of eSports

Find out why Enthusiast Gaming (EGLX) could become the Reddit of the esports world—and what that could mean for early investors.