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Fannie Mae TBAs Fall with the Bond Market

For the week ending August 19, Fannie Mae TBAs ended at 103 17/32—down 7 ticks for the week. The ten-year bond yield rose by 7 basis points to 158 basis points.

Will Haven Bids Buoy or Drown Gold?

Compared to last week's slump, precious metals prices rebounded on March 13, 2017. Haven demand for precious metals likely resurfaced ahead of the elections in Europe.

Analyzing Chinese Tech Stocks amid Escalating Trade War

Baidu (BIDU) lost one-third of its market capitalization in May. The stock has been having a dismal year. Currently, the stock has fallen 31.2% YTD.

Why Did Asian Markets Regain Strength on April 20?

After falling to the lowest levels in a month on Wednesday, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index regained strength on April 20.

Reading Mining Companies’ Technicals in 2016

Donald Trump's recent victory in the US presidential election initially produced a sentiment of fear among precious metals investors.

Is There More Room for Correction in US Steel Prices?

Steel companies’ earnings are sensitive to changes in steel prices. Recently, their earnings have been negatively impacted by falling steel prices.

Why Norfolk Southern’s Carloads Increased

Norfolk Southern's carloadsIn the eastern United States, Norfolk Southern (NSC) operates alongside CSX (CSX). In the week ended January 21, 2017, NSC’s overall railcar...

Natural gas prices stay pressured on a predicted warmer winter

Natural gas prices and coal’s market share in electricity generation highly correlate. When natural gas prices rise, coal gains market share.

Why Did Hedge Funds’ Net Long Positions in US Natural Gas...

Hedge funds decreased their net long positions in US natural gas futures and options contracts to an eight-week low for the week ending November 1, 2016.