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US Manufacturing PMI Picks Up after Gradual Decline

The July US manufacturing PMI (purchasing managers’ index) report indicates a strong improvement in the US (SPY) (QQQ) (VFINX) business climate after a gradual decline.

Why the EIA crude inventory report is crucial to energy investors

Every week analysts anticipate an increase or decrease in crude inventories based on demand and supply expectations in that week.

Why Global Growth Could Be Muted

Weakness in China could lead to a contagion, and global growth could be muted.

The EIA crude oil inventory report is significant for energy investors

Analysts expected an increase of ~3.95 million barrels in crude inventories last week. We’ll discuss the actual changes in inventories in this series.

US crude oil rig count drops to lowest number since April...

In the last year, the number of operating oil rigs was down by 521, or ~36%. The number of oil rigs grew by 102 during the corresponding period last year.

Why Rising Hourly Earnings Benefit Restaurant Stocks

Average hourly earnings of production and non-supervisory employees increased to $20.80 in January—from $20.70 in December.

The ICSC–Goldman Sachs Store Sales Index Up on May 2

The ICSC–Goldman Sachs index, released on May 2, increased to 3.7% from 2.5% in the previous week. The index declined from 4.4% in the same week in 2014.

Restaurant Investors Can Use the Recent Johnson Redbook Index

Although Johnson Redbook doesn't include restaurant sales, investors should look at this indicator to get a sense of where the economy is headed from a retail sales perspective.

Strength in Initial Jobless Claims Is Positive for Restaurants

Initial jobless claims can help us gauge the health of the US labor market. It indicates the number of people filing for unemployment.