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trade deficit

US Trade Deficit Tumbles: Trump Winning the Trade War?

The US trade deficit fell to a three-year low in November. President Trump has vowed to address the country’s massive trade deficit, especially with China.
Trump steel tariffs

Does Trade Theory Back Up Trump’s Steel Tariffs?

Recent research has found that Donald Trump’s tariffs have been almost entirely passed onto US consumers—except for his steel tariffs.

Time to Go Defensive Due to Rising Geopolitical Risks?

The US and Iran tensions have risen since the China trade war. Defensive investments might come into focus again due to increasing geopolitical tensions.
Marijuana Capacity

Is it Too Much Marijuana Capacity or Too Little Demand?

The cannabis industry is struggling. Marijuana company executives blame overcapacity and lack of demand for poor results.
S&P 500 stocks

These S&P 500 Stocks Have the Most ‘Sell’ Ratings

Among S&P 500 stocks, Franklin Resources, Inc. (BEN) has the highest percentage of "sell" ratings based on a FactSet report released on December 23....
US Iran oil stocks companies energy

Will US and Iran Tension Hurt or Benefit Oil Companies?

Oil companies have come into focus due to geopolitical tension. The tension got worse after a US drone strike killed Iran’s top general in Iraq.
US stock markets US-Iran tensions

Could Iran Tensions Impact US Stock Market Investors?

US and Iran tensions intensified last week. US stock markets reacted to the tension. The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Index closed in the red on January 3.
S&P 500

Were Strategists Right about the S&P 500 in 2019?

The S&P 500 finished last year with an increase of 28.9%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq-100 Index (QQQ) rose 22.3% and 38%, respectively.
How to Profit from Stock Market Sector Rotation

How to Profit from Stock Market Sector Rotation

Trends and fashions come and go in life and in the stock market. To make money from sector rotation, you’ll want to follow these steps.