Luxor Capital Adds New Stake in Liberty Global

Liberty Global provides video, broadband Internet, fixed-line telephony, and mobile services to an international customer base.

Howard Marks Says FANG Stocks Are Supporting a Bull Market

If we analyze the history of the stock market, we see that investors need to be cautious when prices are at elevated levels.
Dow Jones crash US stock markets

CFOs Expect a Dow Jones Crash: Is Double-Dip Next?

According to a CNBC survey of global CFOs, most of them expect the Dow Jones Index to crash below 19,000 or its March lows.

Deflationary Pressures Rising, Is China Worsening the Situation?

China’s economic slowdown is impacting all of its major trading partners, like the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan, along with China's domestic economy.

Money Managers Liquidate Stakes in Norfolk Southern in 2Q15

In this series, we'll see how institutional investors have played railroads with a specific focus on Norfolk Southern (NSC). In 2Q15, institutional investors turned bearish on railroads.

How Buffet and Trump Differ in Their Views of Jerome Powell

President Donald Trump has minced no words in criticizing Fed chair Jerome Powell.

Where Did Greenlight Capital Place Its Bets in 2Q16?

David Einhorn is a big fan of technology stocks. He allocated major portions of the firm's portfolio to technology stocks such as Apple (AAPL), EMC (EMC), and Yahoo (YHOO) in 1Q16.

Blue Ridge Capital Exits Position in Amazon

In January 2015, Amazon declared its 4Q14 results and reported net income of $214 million and profits of $0.45 per share.

Trian Fund Management raises its stake in DuPont

Trian and its affiliated funds own about 24.4 million DuPont shares valued at around $1.8 billion. The fund's holdings account for a 3% stake in DuPont.