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Apple Brand

Apple: The Story of a Trillion-Dollar Tech Titan

Apple’s business model didn't appear out of the blue. Years of sustained momentum made it the first publicly traded US company to hit $1 trillion.

Esports Championships Could Drive these Three Stocks

In the digital age, could virtual gameplay or esports engage more fanbase worldwide than some of the traditional sports? Probably in a couple more years.
AutoZone Earnings

AutoZone Crushes Q1 Earnings Forecast, Stock Soars 6%

AutoZone (AZO) stock was trading around 6% higher today during premarket trading after the company reported better-than-expected Q1 earnings results.
Hewlett Packard split in 2015

What the Hewlett Packard Split Means for Shareholders

Hewlett Packard split into two $50 billion entities in order to provide value to shareholders, better manage the business, and drive growth.

Why Hemp’s Diversity Means Many Market Opportunities

Hemp is a type of cannabis that contains less THC and more CBD. THC is the psychoactive component responsible for providing the effect of...

Why Amazon Stock Dropped 3% in December

In December, Amazon (AMZN) stock opened above $1,800 but dropped by 3% during the week to close at $1751.6. In addition, its YTD returns dropped to 14%.

Technology Drives Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Stocks

A Cornell study found that a 1% increase in customer satisfaction can boost restaurant sales by $1.3 million. Technology plays a big role in this trend.
Investing in the pharmaceutical industry?

An Easier Way to Understand the Pharma Industry

In 2018, the global pharmaceutical industry stood at $1.2 trillion, and experts expect $1.5 trillion by 2023. Here's everything investors need to know.
Banking and the Role of Credit

Ray Dalio, the Role of Credit, and the Economic Machine

Credit is the most important part of the economy, leading to increased spending, increased income levels, higher GDP, and faster productivity growth.