A Look at the Recent Analyst Ratings for Rio Tinto

Of the 16 analysts covering Rio Tinto (RIO), 56% gave it a “buy” recommendation, 25% gave it a “hold” recommendation, and 19% gave it a “sell” recommendation.

Tezepelumab Could Help Amgen Develop Its Inflammation Franchise

According to World Health Organization (or WHO), around 235 million individuals worldwide have asthma.

Ethane Prices Rose Slightly, Affecting MLPs Last Week

Mont Belvieu ethane prices moved slightly upwards to 19 cents per gallon for the week ended July 24, 2015.

EIA expects non-OPEC countries to grow faster than OPEC countries

According to EIA estimates, petroleum and other liquids production in non-OPEC countries will grow by about 1.9 MMbbl/d in 2014 and 0.8 MMBbl/d in 2015.

The Oil Rally: Is It a Leading Indicator for a Stronger...

Market expectations of a rate hike could strengthen the US Dollar Index if the crude oil rally continues. Rising crude oil can also reflect improving consumer sentiment.

Altcoins Are Outperforming Bitcoin: What’s Next?

Ripple and etherum have risen 104.6% and 13.6%, respectively, in the past seven trading days.

Behind General Electric’s 2Q17 Revenue Slump

GE proved analysts wrong by surpassing their 2Q17 revenue estimates of $28.9 billion. However, the most vivid aspect of its results was the 12% fall in its quarterly revenue.

Why Is Comcast Facing a Decline in Voice Customer Growth?

Comcast (CMCSA) has been losing its voice customers for more than a year, as a result of which the company has been witnessing falls in its voice revenue.

Why Mosaic’s Phosphate Segment Margins Contracted in 4Q16

The gross margin rate for Mosaic’s Phosphate segment contracted in 4Q16 to 9.0%, from 12.0% in 4Q15.