Author: Teresa Cederholm

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American Airlines is now the largest airline as measured by available seat miles, with a 26% market share.

Alaska Air and JetBlue topped traffic and capacity growth. The six major US airlines recorded 4.2% growth in capacity during the month.

Offering high-end services at lower prices, JetBlue tops low-cost carriers for the ninth straight year in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey.

United Continental Holdings is one of the three leading legacy carriers in the US providing transportation services to passengers and cargo.

MasFlight estimated that the 7,800 flight cancellations in major Northeast airports caused by the January snowstorm would cost airlines $10 million.

Four of the top six global airlines by scheduled passenger miles were US airlines, and North American airlines continue to post the highest profitability.

Southwest has enjoyed a record-breaking 42 consecutive years of profitable operations. Many major airlines went through bankruptcy during the same period.

One of the largest passenger and cargo airlines in the US, Delta serves ~165 million customers each year to 225 domestic and 97 international destinations.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, founded in 1968 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, is the world’s second largest cruise company.

Major US airline companies had a good year in 2014, showing improvement in margins and cost efficiencies as the demand for air travel accelerated.