Author: Mohit Oberoi, CFA

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Tesla (TSLA) stock is having a strong run this month. After a weak start, the stock has closed with gains for nine consecutive trading days.

Nike (NKE) faces some challenges in its target markets. In the US, economic growth rates have tapered down, and the trade war could affect its China market.

Nike’s DTC approach includes brick-and-mortar stores and its digital platform. Online sales through Nike Direct is its fastest-growing distribution channel.

The GM strike hurt US manufacturing for September while earlier this month, Boeing’s orders fell. Now Trump's 2020 campaign could take a hit.

Tesla stock has closed in the green for eight consecutive trading days. With earnings coming up next week, will Tesla's market performance stay strong?

General Motors stock is trading higher today. Reportedly, the company has reached a tentative deal with United Auto Workers.

Berkshire Hathaway approached the Fed to increase its stake in Bank of America. The company added more Bank of America shares in the second quarter.

On October 15, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “So much respect for those doing high volume manufacturing,” and talked about reaching "a whole new level."

US steel tariffs have been a pawn in the broader game. In order to get a bigger trade deal, the US looked amenable to relaxing the tariffs.

Many believe that EVs will eventually phase out internal combustion engine cars. Can gasoline carmakers really be Amazoned by Tesla?