Author: Meera Shawn

Disclosure: I am in full compliance with all ethics and other policies for Market Realist research analysts. I am not invested in securities that I cover on Market Realist.

As the Fed's June 12–13 meeting minutes were released yesterday, the US dollar softened, giving buoyancy to precious metals.

After witnessing a rebound on Friday, precious metals fell again on Monday, July 2. Gold fell 0.88% to close at $1,242 per ounce.

Saturday was a day of recovery for most cryptocurrencies.

Gold rose on Friday, June 29, breaking its five-day losing streak. It rose 0.38% and closed at $1,253 per ounce.

All the top cryptocurrencies have been tumbling lower over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin was down 3.2% over the past day and trading at $5,913 as of 7:30 AM EST.

Gold posted a fifth straight day of decline on June 28, touching a fresh six-month low of $1,244.80. Gold ended the day at $1,247.80.

Most of the cryptocurrencies were trading flat today. Bitcoin was marginally lower, by 0.50%, and trading at $6,074 as of 9:30 AM EST.

The gold-silver spread is 77, indicating that it takes ~77 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. In May, this spread stood at 78.

Amid the recent upheaval in the markets, precious metals are acting more like raw commodities than haven assets.

Bitcoin (GBTC) seems to have found some support level to stay above $6,000. It was trading at $6,111 as of 8:15 AM EST, seeing a loss in price of 1.7% over the last 24 hours.